I asked Chad Finn for his thoughts on his promotion, and what his new job is going to consist of over at Boston.com.

Here are some of his responses:

On what this new job means to him:

Obviously, I’m ridiculously excited. I started the blog four years ago with the vague hope that it might turn into something bigger, but I didn’t have any huge expectations – really, I just wanted to write about sports again – and I certainly didn’t expect it to turn into something like this, which is essentially my dream job. I’ve known this was going to happen for a while, but I still can’t believe it, you know?

On what he’ll be doing on Boston.com:

…some parts are still vague, and there are some things I still want to pitch them, but right now my main duty will be to make sure we have breaking sports news accounted for on Boston.com as soon as possible. Sometimes I’ll be writing a bylined story, sometimes I’ll be writing a story that plugs until Reiss or Mazz or whoever files the actual story that will appear in the paper. It’ll also be up to me to stay on top of news other outlets are reporting – say, on a day like the MLB trading deadline, where there were 50 new rumors a minute flying about Manny.

On whether this will have an impact on his Touching All The Bases blog:

I’ll be blogging five days a week, Monday through Friday. Nothing on TATB should change, and I hope it improves now that I’m actually writing it on office time and not at the break of dawn after working a desk shift.

It’s refreshing to hear someone so clearly fired up about what they do, especially in this industry. I’m looking forward to the changes at Boston.com, and congratulate Chad on his promotion and Joe Sullivan for (finally) recognizing what he had right there under his nose.


6 thoughts on “Chad Finn on New Gig

  1. I hope this doesn’t mean Steve Silva will be less of a presence on Boston.com! He’s the greatest photojournalist since Matthew Brady.

    Congratulations to Chad.


  2. it’s nice to see the good guys finally get recognized for a change. with CF and MReiss the globe clearly has the premier internet savvy “reporters” in the boston market



  3. Chad, congrats on a long overdue promotion. I hope you bring back the weekly baseball column that you wrote for FOX Sports and continue the good work on TATB.
    On the one hand it is good to see, ‘EEi and Globe shoring up their staff with some good additions and promotions (this is assuming Borges was hired to cover Boxing and MMA). On the other hand, this sadly brings us closer to one major sports radio and one major newspaper territory. It will be interesting to see how the Herald responds to the recent departures.
    Bruce, you may not want to take any credit but, you have informed many readers like myself by playing the Ombudsman role for the Boston Sports Media. The recent changes at WEEI and Globe show that people in higher places are finally beginning to notice what you have been saying for the last few years. Keep up the good work.
    Long Live BSMW.


    1. You’re right, people like WEEI were listening to Bruce – first they made fun of him and everyone who read him, then they condemned him and everyone who read him, and even went so far to completely dismiss the entire Internet and everyone who participated in it, even as they shamlessly cribbed from it (and BSMW) while putting together their show content.

      Now, predictably, they act like they invented it. Ron Borges? How effing hackey is that?

      But I too congratulate Chad for his success and comend the Globe/boston.com for again recognizing true talent as they did with Mike Reiss…..though turning to a tired dinosaur like Masserotti to be the ‘face’ of their web presence is as hackey as EEI’s Borges hire.


  4. Finn’s TATB blog is a must-read, especially during baseball season, but year-round as well.

    Glad to see his role expanding.


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