Just as I was about to post the 890 ESPN memo regarding Michael Felger’s departure from the station, David Scott beats me to it.

Felger’s rumored to be joining Bradford on the new WEEI.com.


15 thoughts on “Felger, 890 ESPN To Part Ways

  1. Thank god! I miss hearing him & him being relevent on the radio! just in time for Football season………

  2. Once a sports media hack, always a sports media hack. But if this means we see and/or hear less of Mr. Blow Dry, I say ‘APPROVE!’

  3. Agreed with commenter Mike. This will only make WEEI
    worse. Too bad Felger couldn’t just have been released to sink into the obscurity he richly deserves.

  4. Both Gresh and Rotillo work for the parent company. I guess it would make too much sense for them to get regular shifts on a revamped 890.

  5. If Felger is going to rejoin ‘EEI I would think it’ll be more on the dot-com side because his CSN-TV commitment would prevent him from returning as a regular guest on the Big Show, unless he became more of a regular on D&H (where he’s worked with Holley on CSN).

    In contrast I could envision Bradford dabbling on the radio side more in addition to his blogging on the new ‘EEI site.

    I will believe these new ESPN 890 shows when I actually hear them. Wonder if management’s thinking is the ratings stunk with Felger, why not go with cheap relative unknowns (i.e. Kevin Winter or Mike Salk) in midday and afternoon drive? Or…could they be considering getting someone like Bob Lobel to fill a slot?

    I think Gresh and Russillo work too many shifts at Bristol flagship to be considered option at 890.

  6. Felger’s name has already been removed from the ESPN 890 Boston site, although oddly enough the Patriots Friday link remains. The new afternoon drive show is going to be called Prime Time Live with a yet-to-be-named host.

  7. Felger knows football and the Patriots better than anyone in the Boston market…this will make WEEI better.

    1. Ha! Ever read a blog called Reiss’s Pieces? No? Well Felger’s fans are the “best and brightest…”

  8. Kevin Winter as a flash guy? Passable.

    Kevin Winter as a host? An insult to Marconi. No personality and no command.

    This news makes me incredibly bleeping bleeped. If this town is so sports mad and so sophisticated, it should be able to support two sports radio stations. Felger wasn’t great but he was a mile or two better than the Big Show, relying on interviews with people who knew things, no mentally challenged teleprompter readers (except for Bobo Halloran), and no celebrity callers, instead people who cared about THE GAMES and were knowledgeable.

    A list of cities with more than one sports talk radio station (according to wikipedia):

    St. Louis
    New York
    Washington/Baltimore (4 stations)
    Indianapolis (maybe)

    I realize that a lot of these cities are bigger media markets than Boston and that some of the stations listed on wikipedia may be the equivalent of the Zone. I do know that cities can support two sports stations and that considering the success of Boston teams and the relative affluence of the market, Boston should support two.


  9. ….doesn’t this all seem a bit incestuous?…..good grief…. what’s the next, “Breaking News”?….SHANK SHAUGHNESSY TO JOIN WEEI AS NEW FLASH BOY!! ???

  10. As much as I can’t stand Felger’s sanctimonious, smarmy, contrarian act, he would be a slight improvement over the 2 ex-NFL dopes who are on Patriots Monday with Ordway. If I hear DeOssie gloat once more about his kid’s SB win, I’ll vomit. Should be a great fall with “dumb and dumber” since there’s a presidential election upcoming in November.

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