Tomase Talks on CSN Tonight

Boston Herald  Patriots beat writer John Tomase will make his first TV appearance tonight at 10 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet’s Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight to talk Patriots training camp, the Red Sox and to address the controversy over his walkthrough tape story.

Host Michael Felger and guest co-host Sean Grande will interview Tomase, who will comment on “tapegate” for the first time since he issued an apology in the Boston Herald after Matt Walsh denied taping the Rams Super Bowl walkthrough in meetings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Sen. Arlen Specter.

Also appearing this evening on Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight is Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and NBC’s Tom Curran at 6:30 and former Patriots QB Scott Zolak at 10 p.m.


  1. Jason Coyote says

    Tell all those aspiring college journalists to get perms because apparently having thick curly hair is the key to future lifetime employment in Boston.


  2. Jack says

    I’m totally baffled as to why this guy still works for the herald. In any other situation he be gone, unless of course, he’s connected somehow to powerful people who are protecting him for some bizarre reason. This is one of the strangest situations ever.


  3. Shalom says

    He still bought to light that the Patriots taped games, something the Herald didn’t have the balls to do. He’s an investigator and an expert journalist.


    • Boston Fan says

      You are a moron.

      HE didn’t bring the taping of games to light, the Pats video guy being escorted from the sideline BY NFL SECURITY brought that to light. What he did do was write a story with no basis in fact MONTHS after all of the other information had already been public.

      Investigative reporter? Are you serious? Maybe his trained mind and pen can help to investigate how far your head is up your a**.


  4. JohnnyApps says

    Unfortunately I watched him last night. I still don’t like him. No matter how many times he apologizes and appears on tv and radio and in print I’m not going to change my opinion of him. In the end he’s always going to be the guy who published the walkthrough story, on the night before the biggest game in the Patriots history, without being absolutely sure that his facts were in line and true. Unforgiveable. Instead of doing the right thing and holding off on writing the story until he could be sure of his sources and information, he went ahead anyway because he wanted to break the big story. unforgiveable. I’ll never read his stuff again.


  5. mandb97 says

    It was awful. Felger should never have been allowed to conduct the interview. Dickerson should have been in there instead. But there is no way someone from the herald should have been there. Also why is Grande bringing up bloggers? What the hell does that have to do with anything?


  6. Tony says

    I saw some of the interview.

    At least Felger didn’t claim that the story would have been correct if Tomase had written that the Patriots “monitored” the walkthrough instead of “taped” it, like he tried to do back in May.

    However, the softballs were flying around all over the place….as expected.


  7. DUKE says

    Well…i am very disappointed in THE explanation. Nothing new was shed on the matter & it was like yesterdays news in how it was treated…which is what it was. Felger for the first time i can remember….really held back. I feel more should have came from this so called inside interview.


  8. JES says

    Well, I didn’t watch the interview, but kinda wish I didn’t watch the red Sox either….


  9. John says

    What a fraud of a show. Promote that they are going to ask the tough questions for a full 20 minutes then proceed to loft softballs about bloggers and the internet putting so much pressure on the poor sportswriters that they have to fabricate stories. Aren’t these the same writers that criticize Belicheck for “we are moving on” but let Thomase do the same thing.

    How about a real question? How about what changed in your story between October and February that caused this fiasco? Do you still rely on the people that told you this information? How about admitting that there is is wrongdoing and this tape doesn’t exist rather than “I didn’t have the facts” implying that it exists but you just don’t have it?


  10. Geo says

    Tomasse is an atraction now? If he constitutes a “ratings grab”, the condition of local sports media is in worse shape than I thought – and I figured they were on life support. How about we wipe the crap-stained slate clean and start over.


  11. Feejis says

    Tomase and Comcast are playing everyone the fool promoting this appearance.

    It’s a ratings grab now that the Celtics season is over and they’re fighting with Red Sox programming.


  12. DUKE says

    Lets hear him out & see what he has to say……..I for one am very interested how this story came together & what ultimately made him “print” it!


    • Angry Old Bastard says

      …first off, he ALREADY told everybody how “the story came together” and “what made him print it” in his “Apology”….he basicly admitted he went by heresay and played a “hunch”….secondly, if you think HIS CO-WORKER AT THE HERALD Felger, is going to ask him any tough questions I’ve got this bridge in Brooklyn for sale if your interested….I mean, COME ON….I’ll bet the house that Felger washes his balls for 20 minutes. Wouldn’t surprise me if they try to turn it around and take a few swipes at the fans for being so mean, to poor little Tomase…..


  13. Angry Old Bastard says

    …ugh….Felger interviewing Tomase…2 Herald employees…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?….I wouldn’t watch this charade if you paid me….I’ll wait for the BSMW to give me the sure-to-be gory details


  14. MarkB says

    They should get Tony Maz on as well, and they could do a circle-jerk love-fest. Sports writers are so low, they have to look up to see the belly of a used car salesman.


  15. Seuss, M.D. says

    An anonymous source told me not to bother watching this interview and I heard that so many times, I believed it to be true.


  16. LL says

    Can’t imagine it is a surprise that Tanguay, host of ‘BCN’s pre and post game shows is not around for this interview.


  17. bholmes says

    disgraced journalist looks to to salvage a mediocre career on the equivalent of a cable access show. pass.


  18. Lance says

    Going out on a limb here and guessing Mike “I’m not the Jay Severin of sports” Felger will ask so many hard hitting questions of Flounder that Larry King will seem like Woodward and Bernstein combined.


  19. Jason Coyote says

    Curious how Mr. Felger will pitch the interview to his Herald colleague, slow fat softball tosses or high hard ones?


    • says

      I turned off the show when tomase showed up. I didn’t see how else to respond. I’ll stick to other sports outlets when the anti patriot is on your show and maybe always! Tomase? You people in sports are so arrogant! I’ll do w/o your TV show