David Scott has a look at the Celtics coverage this week, along with a few other media notes, including old friend Albert Breer moving onto a national gig.

Over on Patriots Daily, Scott Benson salutes the Celtics for A Job Well Done.

The BSMW Full Court Press thanks the readers for a great season.

Parade coverage is a team sport, with reporters stationed along the route. The Globe has a report from Michael Levenson and Andrew Ryan on the Celtics celebration, while the Herald has Jessica Fargen, Mike Underwood and Laurel J. Sweet giving us the details on the parade. Tim Weisberg has the Celtics joining the ranks of the Duck Boat championship squads.

Steve Bulpett writes that for Paul Pierce, this title was 10 years in the making. Mike Szostak says that the new big three played with a sense of urgency all season long. Marc J. Spears says that the Celtics are in relatively good health heading into the offseason, with no majors surgeries planned for any of the players. Mark Murphy explores what the future holds for each member of the Celtics roster.

Steve Buckley says that Boston is hated all across the country because of our athletic success. Leave it to the 17% Globe to remind us that Boston remains a baseball town. Up in Lawrence, Alan Siegel makes perhaps the first ever comparison between Kevin Garnett and Dan Jansen.

Red Sox

Phil O’Neill says that the Celtics will be honored at Fenway Park tonight prior to the Red Sox/Cardinals game. Jeff Goldberg has Terry Francona and the Red Sox embracing the title run by the Celtics.

Amalie Benjamin has a feature on why it is so hard to find catching prospects these days. She also looks at the value of Jason Varitek to the Red Sox.

Jeff Horrigan has a look at Jacoby Ellsbury, who has brought a brand of baseball to Boston that we’re not used to seeing. Steven Krasner has a look at the dramatic improvement by Manny Delcarmen as of late. Gordon Edes has Manny Ramirez impressed with teammate J.D. Drew. Rob Bradford has the Red Sox buying into the power of Phiten, the titanium necklace made popular by Daisuke Matsuzaka. Jim Donaldson says that interleague play is hazardous to the health of AL pitchers.

Benjamin’s Minor League notebook leads with a look at Michael Bowden, who is 5-1 with a 1.40 ERA in his last 10 starts for AA Portland. Michael Silverman also has a look at Bowden, who is on the verge of moving up to AAA.

Horrigan’s notebook has injury updates for the Cardinals and Red Sox.


The NHL draft is tomorrow, and Fluto Shinzawa has Cam Neely getting much more involved in the process for the Bruins this year. Steve Conroy has a look at some of the hot rumors floating around the draft. Douglas Flynn says that the Bruins would love to see left wing/center Kyle Beach fall to them at pick number 16. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a look at BU freshman center Colin Wilson, who will see what happens tomorrow and weigh his options.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a look at ESPN2’s new Wimbledon coverage, and also notes that Leon Powe will have a busy day at ESPN on Monday.


12 thoughts on “Slowly Winding Down

  1. Bruce:

    Why the shot at the Globe for writing an article that Boston is still a baseball town? It’s a fact. There’s nothing wrong with pointing that out.


  2. And pointing it out and pointing it out and pointing it out and pointing it out and pointing it out and pointing it out and pointing it out and pointing it out.

    Always there on the occasion of a triumph in a completely different and unrelated sport to remind us that no matter how good we may feel about it, it can never be as important and meaningful as the same accomplishment by the Red Sox.

    Don’t be surprised when you get a little pushback from that.


  3. Especially when its coming from an enterprise that just happens to have a piece of the team they declare is more important than anything else.


    1. Whether or not something is true doesn’t inherently make it a newsworthy story. And, if the argument is that it is newsworthy, its less so every time its re-written.


  4. How about not writing about it the day after a Championship? How about trying not being a doosh because you own 17% of the team.


  5. Tom, the problem isn’t reality, it’s not letting people just enjoy something. The Globe/local media always has to throw in some wet noodle story. The New England puritanical roots of being fearful of someone actually enjoying themselves pervades.

    Really it’s just stupid.


  6. Lance and Scott:

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion on this. It just has never bothered me at all, but I guess I can see why it might bother some people. Maybe I’ve trained myself to ignore stuff like this and not let it bother me.


  7. The people who feel the need to talk about Boston being a “SAWX TOWN” are the same people who need “My child is an Honor Student at ______________”. Get over yourself.

    People love the Red Sox. Great. They love the Pats, B’s and Celts too, but no one needs to constantly remind us of that fact.


  8. So then, ten comments, none of them concerning Mike Dowling. Sort of a comment in and of itself.

    I don’t understand why the local television stations still have sports reports. By 11 o’clock, is there anyone who cares who doesn’t already know the score and hasn’t seen the highlights? All games of the four major teams are broadcast, they all have extensive postgame shows. NESN and NECN are available. Add in the ESPN franchise. Does anyone still watch 4, 5 or 7 for sports news?


  9. As far as comparing Garnett to Jansen. Hopefully Garnett won’t pull the garbage that Jansen did by sleeping with a CBS guide who was showing him around their New York headquarters when he was hired to cover Olympic speed skating. Nice job Dan cheating on the one person who suffered with and supported you everytime you gagged and choked during the games. MORON


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