Approval Ratings – Glenn Ordway

Glenn OrdwaySince the 1970’s Glenn Ordway has been stirring things up on the Boston Radio airwaves.

After a short stint as a General Hospital actor, Ordway turned his attention to radio as the Sports Director and talk show host of WMEX/WIS. In 1981 he moved on to WRKO, hosting the popular “SportsCall” radio show and serving as sports director. It was during this time that he also joined Johnny Most in the Celtics radio booth, where he remained for 13 years.

When the Celtics moved to WEEI (Then AM 590) in 1987, Ordway followed, and has been at the station since. The Big Show began in 1995, and has become a staple on the Boston airwaves.

Earlier this year, Ordway had a scare in his personal life during the birth of his daughter Mia. Both his daughter and wife suffered severe complications during delivery, which took Ordway off the air for a couple of weeks. Both mother and daughter are doing better, and Ordway is back in his familiar spot on the afternoon drive.






  1. jreils says

    disapprove because of his partnership with 2 crooks [deossie,smerlas] whose police charity gives a whopping 15% to the families of officers killed in the line of duty.currently this charity is being investigated by the massachusetts attorney general.prison stripes aren’t slimming “big-o”.


  2. paul says

    i like glenn because he has a tremendous sense of humor which is vital. you can tell by the deepness of his laughter. i am a ny yankee fan but would still love to talk with him someday. by the way, did glenn work for neCn in 2001? please e-mail me with answer, thank you.


  3. patsfan says



  4. DTM says

    This is a toughie. He has done great work in the past and is the show is much less interesting when he is out. However, the shout fest that is the afternoon show is very difficult to listen to and Ordway insists on repeating points even after their made assuming that if he says them long and loud enough, everyone will just agree with him.


  5. says

    Disapprove despite the contributions he has made. Makes 6 figures but gets free TVs, cars and sports tickets for just being who he is and acts entitled.

    The WEEI afternoon and morning show hosts have no connect with their listeners.


  6. Chris says

    I look at Glen like the clown who founded ‘Girls Gone Wild.’ On one hand, you recognize him as the ‘Class Amoeba’ thanks to his near-zero IQ. But on the other hand, you recognize him as a genius for doing something we all wish we had done. On balance, I give a very ‘limp-wristed’ APPROVE to this amoeba.


  7. objectivebruce says

    I find the program (and the radio station) mainly unlistenable. But Ordway is a brilliant broadcaster. He knows his target; he knows how to milk the audience to stick around just a little bit longer; the pace of the program is always moving forward rather than letting discussions die out and degenerate into dead-hoss-beating; he has a professional sense of how far he can go with bad taste for the sake of ratings without stepping over to the ever-moving line; he knows how to touch hot buttons and who to use to touch them; and he does a good job keeping his cast from sounding like a complete amateur hour. He also has people believing the schtick and actually taking sides on personalities. He’s a radio genius. Unlistenable program but the host has created a monster that routinely flicks away and buries would-be challengers.


  8. George says

    Under certain conditions when he’s not screaming like a jackass, he can be an ok host. But this is the guy who:
    1) brought us the &&%$%# Whiner Line, the equivalent of pig crap on a silver platter.
    2) Brought EEI the “innovation” of the abrupt cut-away to save “valuable” programming time. So now, instead of listening to Glenn szy “we’ll be right back”, we have more time to listen to the laughs and guffaws of the Idiot Roudtable. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve switched to EEI during drive time and heard nothing but mindless laughter or an entire herd of jackasses, all yelling at the same time. (WHO THE F*** is in chage of that trainwreck these days? Are they listening?)
    3) Few have done more than Glenn and his lame posse to create the culture of ignorance and arrogance

    Someone claimed he’s a nice guy and hopefully there’s something to that, but you would never suspect that when you listen to him. He’s arrogant, pompous and aside from the loyaly he has for his guys, doesn’t seem very considerate at all.

    To me, one tell tale sign of this is that, with his many years of experience with the soap gig, the great Celtic teams of the 80s, Johnny Most, early 80’s Sports Radio, you would think he’d have a story or two wouldn’t you? Not this guy, he’s too good for any of us.


  9. Scott Wedman for threeeeee says

    He’s so good, it’s ridiculous. He makes that show what it is. He creates personalities and storylines. The show would be unlistenable if Pete Sheppard was hosting every day. My one complaint is that he allows morons like Bill Burt, Steve Burton and Larry Johnson to co-host. How about raising the bar just a little bit and getting competent co-hosts.


  10. fred derf says

    There is someone like Fat-O at every corporation. These people are gifted. They have no talent but they know which bums to kiss and which backs to stab. When the current management is on the way out the Fat-O’s know about it before everyone else. They have already moved on to suck up to the new boss.

    Fat-O is truly despicable. He talks about “narrowcasting” like he invented the concept. He once was the Bruins color man (see paragraph above). When Freddie’s ticket scalping con got in trouble Fat-O danced away from All Pro as fast as he could. Truly, truly despicable.


  11. Classless Concepts says

    I actually like his show the most out of the 3 main WEEI shows, though that doesn’t say much. I’d still much rather listen to him shout at people than hear Diddly Dale stick his nose up in the air, Mike Adams act like…um…Mike Adams, or Dennis and Callahan talk politics on sports radio.

    If he would control the shouting/talking over one another and the disdain for every caller, then I think he’d have something good going for him.


    • Angry Old Bastard says

      could not agree more, Classless. It is the BEST show on WEEI……when the yelling and screaming over each other gets too much, I just turn the volume down for a minute or so, by then they settle down….


  12. Steve From Yellowstone says

    wow, tied at 375 when I voted, to give him a one point approval edge. the smartest guy on EEI, and runs a very entertaining show. Annoying at times (like his “Its all about pitching” crap and the constant sitting on the fence), but far and away the BEST talent on EEI.


  13. Angry Old Bastard says

    ….APPROVE!…..Really don’t know why….He talks over EVERYBODY, constantly interrupts when someone is trying to make a point…..whatever….I LIKE “The Big Show” maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to the the idiots in the morning and the “holier than thou” Dale Arnold….but I still vote APPROVE!