Fred SmerlasIt’s not football season, so we haven’t seen or heard a whole lot of Smerlas recently.

Fred Smerlas is a former Pro Bowl Nose Tackle for Boston College, the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and Patriots. He currently is a TV and Radio commentator for WEEI and other outlets. On WEEI, he is mostly teamed with Steve DeOssie, who is also his business partner in their Rhode Island steakhouse.

During football season he also serves as a a contributor to western New York radio stations WGR in Buffalo and WHAM in Rochester.

He is known for picking the Patriots in every single game, something that almost worked last season…




64 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Fred Smerlas

  1. Damn…there it is!!!! I thought someone swiped the last Suzy Q out of my snack drawer and all along it was under Fred’s nose.


    There are some former athletes who are actaully pretty entertaining on the radio, Fred’s not one of them! I’m sure he knows his football but his constant interrupting and talking over EVERYONE makes it very difficult to listen to ‘EEI when he’s on. It’s like one giant “I can shout and talk over people better than you can” match.


  2. I approve. Fred Smerlas is a charater, and the way he is portrayed on WEEI is an act of sorts. He’s actually a very nice guy, and surprisingly articulate and endearing in person. I love the comic relief he provides on WEEI, he never pretends to be someone he isn’t, and, as someone already pointed out, he’s not mean spirited. His greatest moments always involve his detailed and insightful description of offensive and defensive line play. Love Fred!


  3. I approve. FRED SMERLAS IS FANTASTIC, INSIGHTFUL, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGABLE ON MANY SUBJECTS, FUNNY AND A PLEASURE TO LISTEN TO. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB. I can’t stop listening to him whenever I get the chance. I LOVE the Smerlas Show. Go Fred!!!


  4. Knows football, I’ll give him that. Other than that this guy is an absolute morron. I feel dumber after listening to him fumble over words and trying to think of important words to not sound like a four year old.

    The fact that this guy is on the radio is ridiculous. He’s your typical football jock. He’s an absolute bafoon and I would love to call in and ask him about how he was scamming old people on the telephone but A) I’d have to quit my job to stay on the line for so long and B) They’d cut me off and probably hit the dump button.


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