Christopher L GasperOne of the young guns at the Boston Globe, Gasper made a name for himself this past NFL season, working alongside Mike Reiss on the Patriots beat, and on the Reiss’ Pieces blog.

Gasper has also been heavily involved in the Celtics postseason coverage, showing his chops in that sport as well. Gasper has been spotted frequently on NESN’s Globe 10.0 and other programs as of late.

He joined the Globe in 2002 as a sports reporter in the paper’s Globe North section.



39 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Christopher L Gasper

  1. Approve
    One of the Globe’s pack of younger reporters who put out far better articles than we got from the Globe for years from Cafardo, Shank, MacMullet and Borges.

  2. This one is simple.

    Gasper is a beat guy, so he reports on the happenings of the Pats/Celts, NO bias.


  3. He’s fairly animated when he does speak, thetruth. That should count for the fact he’s actually seems to be a sports fan.

    Also glad that Gasper is with the Globe as he has Reiss as the standard for reporting, which should only help him continue to improve. Approve.

  4. Approve… He does a nice job covering the Patriots. He’s also not on ‘eei, which should garner automatic ‘approval’.

  5. The kid works hard, wasn’t handed a job because of nepotism, and doesn’t have a visible agenda against numerous teams? Plus, he doesn’t have the courage of Tony Maz or Borgie.


  6. Never heard of him, nor read his work.
    Approve, because I like his junior high school picture.

    1. Not a direct slam at you, Wilson, but I’m amazed at how many people come to this site, are sports fans, and will say “never heard of this person” or “who???” when media people come up for review.

      If someone followed the Patriots at all this season, they’d be hard pressed to never have come across Gasper’s work.

      1. I understand what you’re saying Bruce.
        Honestly, I stopped having the Globe
        delivered long before the Borges fisaco,
        and if someone in my office brings in the
        Herald I might glance at it.
        Now I read the papers online and hardly ever
        verify the byline.
        Does not make me any less of a sports fan…

  7. I was told everyone sucks according to the people that vote and there is nothing but disapprovals handed out.

    I guess it’s only the hacks, racists, scumbag yellow journalists, and fesces throwing monkeys that are disapproved of after all.

    1. Nope.

      The people no one has ever heard of get approvals. Plus, this being a mostly Liberal crowd the fact that Chris is a minority is an automatic approval, no one wants to be called a racist so approving of him makes them feel less guilty about being white people and makes them feel like they’re really progressive thinking, open-minded people: see Obama.

  8. It’s great to see Gaspar improve almost every week. Pleasant writing style, concise articles and appears to work hard for his stories. Let’s hope CHB doesn’t take him off on a corner and brainwash him into thinking he needs to add attitude to get some phony hate karma going. Part of a new breed of reporter that provides honest insight. Good hire by the Globe.



    1. Funny how since Bruce started this site it seems like there are more and more good reporters covering the local teams.

      Bradford, Couture, Reiss, Gasper, Benjamin et. al. there are actually people writing about my teams where I want to read what they say. It was not like this when I first found BSMW.

      Mannix, Borges and others who got away with their trite lazy grudges for eons are gone.

      Now if only WEEI and Shank would go away.

  10. A good, young, hardworking writer/reporter and getting even better. His work is a breath of fresh air after the useless garbage that Lazy Shank, Cafardo, and Borges have churned out over the years. Gasper and Mike Reiss are the only must-reads in the sorry Globe sports section.


  11. i always thought casper was a bullshit cartoon and steve kasper was pretty much useless outside of shadowing gretzky.

    gasper just bores me. disapprove.

  12. Anyone who doesn’t elevate themselves from a position of covering the story to a position of BEING the story (see: Massarotti, Shaughnessy, Tomase, Callahan, Dennis, Felger, Eddie Munster et al) gets an ‘APPROVE’ in my book. There are WAY too many ‘It’s-all-about-me’ sports media hacks, and we ought to recognize the ones who patiently and silently resist the urge to reach that level.

  13. APPROVE!…Gives me the info I need and doesn’t seem to be a “LOOK AT ME!..PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” guy……Two thumbs up!

  14. I have always been a fan of Christopher Gasper. One look at his angelic little face and it takes you back to the hundred acre wood and his friends Tigger, Pooh, Rabbit and good ol’ Eyore. I always wondered what had happened to him and I am glad to see he landed on his feet at the Globe.

    He seems like a fine writer and seems to do a good and honest job.


  15. He usually puts out the 2nd most informative Pats articles next to Reiss. He gets brownie points for not screaming on TV or Radio. Approve

  16. His Tom Thibodeau story this morning is a direct rip-off of a Bill Burt story from 2 weeks ago, right down to using Van Gundy quotes. Anyone who’s taking ideas from a hack like Burt gets a DISAPPROVE.

  17. His 'plenty of life without moss' shows how he wants to strongly appeal to the already moss-bash starving bostonians. Catering to his audiences with no idea how football is played. He may better off being a cook, not a sports writer. Note to this guy if he ever reads this which I doubt, throwing the ball is just half the job, catching it completes it, and Moss has done that admirably for the Pats. You dont have to appreciate the guy, now that he had to leave us and for whatever may have happened behind the scenes in the locker room, but at least dont belittle what he did.

  18. I met Mr. Gaspar and if intelligence courtesy, and ethics count then he has "the goods". When my spouse and I asked what he did and we found out he wrote for The Globe we were very impressed. Being nosey we asked what he was doing in the hinterlands of California. HIs response which was delivered with the respect that, He would rather not say.", impressed me even more, here was someone with ethics. Mr. G. I hope you made it to the overlook and got "the interview" you were looking for or not, At least for the next few weeks I"m going to be a reader. Great to have met you. r. toothman

  19. He's fallen in goose-step with the rest of the media that thinks that being negative is the best way to get noticed by the national media and make more money.

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