Laura BehnkeBehnke is another relative newcomer on the Boston sports media scene, having joined NECN as a sports reporter in 2005. She does on-the-scene sports reporting for the station, as well as filling in as sports anchor.

She has a  journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin, and grew up a Packers fan in Eagan, Minnesota (making her also a Twins fan).

She also hosts the weekly Celtics magazine show Celtics Now alongside Donny Marshall on Comcast SportsNet.

Here is an interview she did with David Laurila for



32 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Laura Behnke

  1. She does a decent job on Celtics Now, but could inject more of her own personality. Too much canned CSB-type on air presentation.

  2. Not as attractive as Julie Donaldson, or as allegedly kinky as Amalie. A poor man’s Wendi Nix, therefor a tepid DISAPPROVE

  3. Disapprove.

    I agree with LL…she’s ok on her Celtics Now show but she could be more original and inject some more of her own personality into her shows and reporting. She uses too much of a canned, standard tv presentation style.

    Sports reporters and tv personalities like her are a dime a dozen in tv, especially around here in the Boston media.

  4. I think Rotillo is fittin’ for a scandal with this minx. Thought she did a fine job w/Felger the other night, and has legs as long as a John Dennis question. Approve, with a throaty growl

  5. Approve. She does a better job than Chis Collins on NECN, she’s better than Dickerson on CSN, and she’s better at doing fill in sports flashes than the regulars. I haven’t heard her ever host on EEI, but I can only assume it would rank third behind Rish’s postgame Red Sox show and Rider’s postgame Celtics show. Maybe it’s all damning with faint praise, but that’s what I do.

  6. Somewhere the late, great Willie McDonough, the long-time last word of the Globe, is spinning in his grave over the influx of women into this “old boys’ club,” as it were.

    Of the genuine news gathering sports journalists – of which there are too few – Willie was the best. Yet while sharing his skepticism about the authenticity of these young lasses, especially in the early years, I long felt he was too harsh on them.

    Will’s rejection of “the fairer sex” was total. He believed nothing they said, doubted everything they stood for, scorned their claims, and minimized their achievements. I thought that was a bit much. In short, APPROVE.

  7. Highly approve.

    Superb journalistic talent, in my judgment. Poised, knowledgeable and mostly, she never stumbles in her delivery…whether off the teleprompter or reporting from a live remote.

    Always seems to have concise, accurate answers at the ready when asked a question from the studio.

    Outstanding interviewing skills…brings out the best in her on-air guests.

    Again, highly approve.

  8. reportedly left a thumb tack on john dennis’ chair, told mike adams he stinks like beef and cheese, informed dale he was probably confused and headed for a midlife crisis, and let felger know that paying 200 dollars for a hair cut is the mark of a sure loser.


  9. We defintely need a few more voting options:

    Ehhh, metza-metz
    Beige alert, I’m completely neutral

  10. Used to party with our tailgate crew after doing her Patriots reports. That new damn Manmall ruined our lot and now we have no more Behnke :ozzy:


  11. Not as hot as Tappyn (or is it Tappen? Whatever…), but has fewer miles than Hazel.


  12. These polls are too black and white. How can you give
    the same negative to someone like Tomase and someone
    bland like her. I did not vote.

  13. DISAPPROVE…. run of the mill talking head…a carpetbagger from Minnesota….just another gum flapper cluttering the already overpopulated Boston sports scene…..her type are a dime a dozen and can be easily found at the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting

  14. Possesses a desirable 80-20 hip/waist ratio …. long legs and chisled calves … good face, pleasant personality … really should have a high-profile gig (Sox) … I approve!

  15. in angry old bastard’s world everyone grows up to work in their hometown gas station, mow neighborhood lawns, or become a janitor in the high school. carpetbagger?

  16. That’s right….CARPETBAGGER….and so is the new broad that NESN just hired….but, it’s to be expected. They are trying to cater to the Pink Hat Generation….GO SOX!….YEAAAA!…..

  17. Approve – has improved quite a bit since she showed up on the scene…
    Speaking of Sports Late Night, did anyone else notice the cockroach that crawled across the camera during the first minute of last night’s show. At first, I thought it was alcohol related, but then I caught it On Demand…WTF, NECN?

  18. I’m sure she’s got her skills as a journalist however if she didn’t have a pretty face/blonde hair, would she even have a job doing these things right now? Just another woman brought in to fill in a spot for women on NECN. She’ll be gone in a year or two and another woman will take her place.

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