So after months and months of speculation that ex-Patriots employee Matt Walsh possessed damning evidence against the team above and beyond what they had already been punished for, Walsh revealed the goods yesterday, and surprise, surprise, there was no tape of the Rams walkthrough prior to Super Bowl XXXVI in his collection. What he did have was what we already knew – and what the Patriots had already admitted – tapes that showed they had been taping opposing signals since the start of the Belichick era.

As part of the release yesterday, Walsh’s attorneys also stated that he was not the source of John Tomase’s infamous story the day before this year’s Super Bowl that claimed that a tape of the Rams walkthrough exists.

What’s next? Is Arlen Specter or Roger Goodell going to demand to talk to Tomase and make him give up his source? (I’m only half kidding, folks) Will Peter King, Mike Florio and Gregg Easterbrook finally shut up? I doubt it.

It would seem that Walsh was simply out for his 15 minutes of fame, and he certainly got it, thanks to an overzealous media eager for anything new to pin on the Patriots.

Mike Reiss reports on the eight tapes that Walsh is returning, while John Tomase keeps it simple, and doesn’t elaborate on his February story of the walkthrough and how Walsh’s denial fits or does not fit into that. However, David Heuschkel claims that the tapes could be damaging to Belichick because at least two of the tapes show offensive signals being recorded as well as defensive.

David Scott looks at jumping the gun a bit last night in breaking the story, and also wonders what’s next for John Tomase and the Herald in this saga.

Reiss also has an article on new Patriots linebacker Victor Hobson, who talks about being on the other side of the Patriots/Jets rivalry.

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Adam Reilly has a look at how the Herald is falling short of the Globe in almost all areas except sports coverage. He suggests that that might be the area that publisher Pat Purcell should really try and attack the Globe, especially with the recent cutbacks on Morrissey Blvd.

Lenny Megliola checks out NESN’s newest field reporter, Heidi Watney.


7 thoughts on “No Rams Walkthrough Tape: Will Media Backtrack on Pats?

  1. How about the blowhards in the afternoon on EEI talking smack about bloggers. Time to declare war on the hypocrites.


  2. Just because Walsh was not the source for Tomase’s story doesn’t mean the walkthrough tape does not exist. Now, I think that if the tape did exist, Walsh would at least know about it and would come out and say that, but it is certainly at least possible that it exists.

    Let me go on record as saying I do not think the tape exists and I am just playing devil’s advocate here, but I thought it was worth pointing out the possibility.


  3. Gary – I was driving home just before 6 p.m. and the hosts and caller were talking about how there are a lot of good blogs, but a lot of them contribute to the dumbing down of sports fans. I’m sorry, but nothing in Massachusetts is a bigger contributor to the dumbing down of sports fans than WEEI and some of the idiots they employ.


  4. Oh they are covering it, but they are blaming the Herald for forcing them to spout off about Spygate since February. On Mike and Mike the tone was very much “how is the herald going to apologize to us? We’re the idiots that took a single sourced anonymous story and ran with it. We never once thought to actual do some journalism of our own to track down the story. We just all reported on the reporting that was reporting on the report.”

    I’m guessing the tone is going to be generally of that ilk. How the Herald screwed them all over.


  5. Can we get an official fire Tomase boycott the Herald petition going on this website? I hope the faithful readers of this site agree that Tomase and the Herald owe all of New England an explanation about the wheres and the whys of the walk through story. Bob Kraft on the off chance that you are reading this, please don’t let this die down quietly sue Tomase and the Herald into homelessness.


  6. Apparently, ESPN is COMPLETELY UNWILLING to let this story die.

    Mike Fish is speculating that somehow these tapes still imply that Belichick and the NFL have not come clean; and the idiots on their morning TV show this morning were speculating on the existence of another, as yet unnamed videographer who probably DID tape the Rams’ walkthrough (I mean, if it’s not Walsh, then it MUST BE SOMEBODY ELSE WHO DID IT!!!!).

    I have a journalism degree. I never went into the field primarily because I didn’t really like it all that much and I also didn’t want to be significantly outnumbered in every newsroom in which I worked (hint: I don’t vote Democrat).

    But aside from all of the political propaganda that my journalism profs. tried to force upon me during my 4 years in college, they DID force home the point, again and again and again, that you simply must have your facts straight. Moreover, they stressed that you MUST get corroboration from at least one other person if you’re going to write a story citing “unnamed sources”; and above all else, you CANNOT SPECULATE in print and then call it a “news” story.

    The even said that columnists, who get paid for their opinions, had to write based on facts, and couldn’t just speculate and make up stories for drama, attention and effect.

    I graduated 20 years ago. Journalism even then was a vocation that was heavily criticized by the American public; I can’t imagine that today, any average American has any respect left for that so-called “profession.”

    Spygate represents American journalism at its absolute worst…..sadly, I doubt things are going to get any better any time soon.


    1. Mike Fish has been speculating in print and calling it a “news” story in every single thing he’s written on the issue for ESPN. Remember his “how many draft picks will the Patriots lose based on the information that we’ll just go ahead and assume that Walsh has? Ten? Fifty? A zillion?” article when Walsh first appeared on the scene?

      If not, let me remind you.

      One of the more terrible “journalists” at an increasingly terrible “news” outlet, that one.


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