Marc J SpearsOne of the new kids on the block here in Boston, Spears is in his first season covering the Celtics for The Boston Globe.

Spears came to the Globe from the Denver Post, where he covered the Nuggets. He also did work for and America Online. Spears is also the Vice-President of Print for the National Association of Black Journalists Sports Task Force, and thanks to an early encounter with Jason Whitlock (See the last question here) is committed to doing his best to be a mentor and answer questions for any aspiring journalists.

Spears attended San Jose State University. He spent eight years at the Post before coming to the Globe last summer. He arrived soon after Kevin Garnett, which seemed to signal the Globe’s increased commitment to Celtics and NBA coverage.

He is also perhaps one of the few writers who can look most NBA players in the eye when he talks to them.



36 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Marc J Spears

  1. He seems to like sports and occasionally injects some Bruins talk into his writing. APPROVE!!!

  2. Big time approve. First guy to show a pulse on the Globe’s basketball beat in well over 20 years. Actually has connections outside the Celtics organization and can actually get high profile players to return his calls. Well respected in the locker room as a solid guy, and wrote one of the best articles I read this year on Earl Lloyd.

    One of the few remaining reasons (Reiss being the other) to pick up the Globe.

  3. Approve. But the ESPN piece he had a few days back was generic “Bostonians are Calvinists who just forgave Bill Buckner five minutes ago” Shank-like boilerplate. Tread lightly.

    It is good to see him put Ryan’s out of touch hoops opinions to bed when he appears on Globe 10.0.

  4. doesn’t read books but writes good articles and he’s not peter may or bob ryan. also doesn’t wear loafers with no socks and laugh at mike adams jokes. always a great guest on the cslive podcast. any competent program manager would snatch him up as a guest during these playoffs sadley weei is bereft of competence.

  5. so after the main course of John Dennis and Pete Sheppard Bruce offers up Marc J Spears as some sort of after dinner mint?

  6. Approved. Definitely a great addition to the Celtics beat (aka the Thriller Video).

  7. If people are going to make a traveshamockery of this process by voting approve on Pete Pastore, then I’m going to vote Approve for all the people I’ve never heard of.

  8. I’m hoping his lofty title of VP of National Association of Black Journalist Sports Task Force allows him to do things like fire Steve Burton, and find and imprison Larry Johnson for tracing. If so…APPROVE!!!

  9. Does a very nice job on Celtics beat, no axe to grind, quality reporting and writing, his cousin Randy scores with the ladies much more, so Marc has to work harder. APPROVE!!!

  10. Despite the porno name, and even pornier spelling of Mark, he’s a damn good writer that has done more than his fair share of heavy lifting at Morrissey Blvd as of late. He’s not even a year into his job and already the second best NBA guy in town (Bullpet still reigns).

    Now, if he could just do something about Shaughnessy…….

  11. Ah me…I was going to post a wonderful little joke about how difficult it must be writing about the Celtics while his little sister Brittney is going through such a public crisis but alas…four years of intensive contemporary jazz, tap and kathak training only to learn my act has worn thin. Perhaps instead of trying to amuse I shall post some of my free form maudlin verse I tend to compose when these fits of ennui overtake me…

    I Would
    If I twere
    And If I

  12. Approve.

    At the rate the voting’s going, it looks like he’s going to rival Gorman’s approval percentage.

  13. Hefty Fellow, decent gunt size. And a good writer. Lock it up. Guntfather 3 sagging chins up!!!!

  14. wait, so even black people don’t like Jason Whitlock?

    that guy is such a jerk on the sports reporters(especially towards the Patriots)…glad i’m not the only one who wants to throw stuff at the TV.

    i approve of Marc J Spears

  15. Bruce, when are the big hitters coming? Ordway, CHB, Arnold, Felger, Tony Mazz, Holly, Ryan, Remy, Orsillo, McMullin et al….?

  16. i have no idea who this is, but can i just say that butch stearns and bill burt on the big show are unbearable, i almost crashed my car when dumbass butch was comparing scottie pippen to wally sczberiak, and saying that in order for the celtics to win, pierce needs to score 25 and not 20 a game, wonderful observation idiot!

    stearns and burt, two morons, one station!

  17. Right now, and the verdict is approve, approve, approve, approve, approve, approve, approve, approve, and APPROVE!

  18. I rarely read this guy’s work, so I refrained from voting but I gotta say after reading his Whitlock comments I like him already. It takes skill to make someone look like a complete @*^$&%@$ in such a graceful manner.

  19. I approve of him because I don’t know who he is. This is the first qualification for earning an ‘Approve’ rating. There is one notable exception to this rule, and that would be Bob Ryan.

  20. hey marc this is sherman morris, i don’t know if u remember me but i played basketball at san jose city college from 90-92 and i been watching the games and hearing ur name and then seeing u and i said i know that guy from somewhere so i did a little research to try and reach out to say what’s up.after san jose i went to boise state where we were big sky champs in 93(wow…lol) then i went to australia in 99 for one season,now i’m back home in chicago and i’m a chicago police officer, anyway jus wanted to say hey and i’m glad to see ur doing well. take care BIG SHERM

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