Approval Ratings – Mark Murphy

With the Celtics in the midst of their playoff run, today we take a look at Boston Herald Celtics writer Mark Murphy.

Murphy has been with the Herald since 1988. He has spent most of his tenure at the paper on the Celtics beat, though he moved over to the UMass and college basketball beat at the height of the Marcus Camby/John Calipari era. He returned to the Celtics beat in 2002. He has also covered Olympic games, including the 1992 US Basketball Dream Team.

Murphy is another guy you don’t see making a whole lot of outside media appearances. I couldn’t find a photo online of him, but he is a pretty easily recognizable guy, sporting a full beard.




  1. mmmmmmmmmm says

    I say approve. There are only a few guys out there that pay attention to basketball these days that are like him and Ordway.


  2. Wilson says

    Never heard of him…WHAT??? The Boston Herald is still around??? I’ll be damned!!
    But on another note…has anybody ever seen Steve Buckley with a woman??


  3. NASCL says

    Still reeling from the tragic outcome of the Jack Edwards’ vote yesterday, I’ll chime in with a quick, “Approve!”


  4. buttercup says

    If I knew him I would probably affectionately call him “Murph!” And I would shout it out loud. Speaking of affection, I’m reminded of the time Dale Arnold said Sergei Samsonov was, “Cute as a button.” If you keep that in mind it becomes very, very easy to never listen to WEEI again. Some nights- dark, lonely, bourbon soaked night I wake up screaming with that voice and that phrase dancing through the fog of my consciousness…


  5. LL says

    Good writer… not great. Works a bit at writing though spends time on the editing desk too. Is obviously overshadowed by Bulpett, but few wouldn’t be.



  6. Doug says

    Never read him and not sure I have even heard of him so I did not cast a vote. I understand and wholeheartedly agree with the process but I have to say I am looking forward to the next EEI “personality”


  7. Guntfather of SportsRadio says

    Since I don’t know this guy. I’ll just promote the New Sports Huddle on 96.9 FM Talk. Sunday Nights.


  8. media-tor says

    Figured this would be an appropriate place to post this: former WCVB Sports Director Don Gillis passed away last night.

    Not totally unexpected I suppose, but the timing with Lobel’s imminent departure from WBZ makes this news feel just a little eerie. Both of them were the Boston TV sports icons of their respective generations.


  9. Chris says

    I approve of anyone in sports media who chooses to stick to his or her knitting and not showboat or otherwise ‘hobknob’ across the sports media landscape either looking for more dough or a soft spot to land if their ‘primary’ job is a bit insecure.

    I approve, mostly because there’s no picture of him.


  10. 02062 says

    Approve – if he’s not pimping himself out to every electronic outlet in this region that must mean he’s focused on his job.