Jon WallachWEEI mid-day flash guy Jon Wallach leads off the approval ratings for this week.

Wallach does the sports flashes for the Dale & Holley show, during which he takes a lot of ribbing from Michael Holley, especially when he makes a mistake during a flash. (Triggering the “Everybody drink!” soundbite.) Holley also likes to call him “Jon Wallace” as a joke.

Wallach has also been used as a host at the station, doing weekend shows, and the occasional fill-in during the Dale & Holley show when one of the hosts is out. Oftentimes when Pete Sheppard fills in as host of the Big Show, Wallach will do a double shift, doing the flashes for both shows.



18 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Jon Wallach

  1. There should be a neutral designation. How can
    one vote for a Wallach – he just doesn’t matter

  2. Wallach is inoffensive as a flash guy. but when he hosts/co-hosts a show I often realize he doesn’t know all that much about sports. It’s not that he’s terrible, but he’s another “meh” person in the Hub sports media. My “disapproval/approval” ratio for him is 51/49.

  3. He’s the best flash guy they have, but when he has to fill-in I can’t listen to him at all. He’s awful as a co-host. He doesn’t know much about sports, even the callers seem to now more then he does. But, as a flash guy he’s the best when it comes to the freshest information for the listener. 10 as a flash guy, 1 as a co-host.

  4. Sluggo had it right: These flash guys are equivalent to elevator music. I can’t wait until you get to ‘Eddie Munster.’ Now there’s a guy the elevator should simply fall on top of.

  5. Agree with most of the posters above. For guys who don’t have strong personalities like Wallach, perhaps you could give “no opinion” option. I forget him as soon as he stops talking.

  6. If I was Wallach I’d have backanded that little twerp Holley a long time ago. Wallach is a pro, Holley is a clown. I can’t stand his little nicknames and songs and that stupid lightning round is really unprofessional. I’m glad Dale is back to get the show back under control.

  7. Wallach’s flashes are too long. He needs to quicken things up and just give the scores and updates and be done with it. He’s too much like Bob Costas; he seems to try too hard to be perfect and eloquent. Don’t like his voice either. He’s a decent co-host but doesn’t know enough about sports to be good. What he needs to do if he wants to be a regular full time host is go to a smaller market(s) and hone his skills before attempting to break into a larger market like Boston.

  8. Not that bad a guy. Not great, but then he’s miles and miles ahead of Jon Meterperel and Pete Shephard (when playing his ‘character’).

  9. … Has the talent level of a college radio station dj … bad voice … lacks the guts to be controversial … if he were fired tomorrow, he’d be forgotten about by Thursday … gets paid poorly and will do whatever is asked, therefore he’ll be at WEEI for life … Holley is his intellectual superior and rightfully humiliates Wallach every day … lucked into the gig and would be a checker at Shaws otherwise … still, I approve.

  10. I agree with those who have suggested an indifferent rating option. Wallach is just kind of does his job without really adding or more critically detracting from the broadcast. While it would be a welcome change for some others to follow suit and do their job while being similarly unnoticed (Pete Shepard, anyone?), I can’t say that I either approve or disapprove of Wallach’s work. It’s just there, kind of like the guy that does traffic on news radio. If he was replaced by a different guy you wouldn’t know he was gone unless the new guy really sucked.

  11. Wallach excels as in his role as midday scoreboard reader and i wonder if I enjoy him vs the other two primary scoreboard readers on eei b/c he is the only one who does not get to do an interactive sports flash. Seems to relize and be content with the fact that this is as big as he’s getting at EEI – used to have a regular weekend gig and be 1st or 2nd choice to back up a regular – now is the guy who minds the store on the night of the awards show.

  12. Yah gettin “props” from a grossly overpaid braces wearing skittle brain is not where its at.

    But I like him. He just needs to BAG up!!

  13. I agree with the slate…..Grandson of Groucho doesn’t really distinguish himself at all. you would think someone who’s been over there for that long would have SOME kind of characteristic to be known for, or that would be a Pete Gustin bit/whiner line recurring punchline, or something!! Don’t have a problem with his flashes, and if I were him, I’d make more of a demand for show interactivity, purely based on how much undeserved & unearned air-time the other two-get…..but that would mean three completly boring individuals on the same show.

  14. how this guy doesnt have his own show is one of the greatest mysteries of alltime.They give an skirtchasing,mannyhating pig like mike adams his own show and not john wallach.wallach does know his sports which is more than i can say for most of the peons at WEEI.Give wallach his own gig

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