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Mike Lynch
Today we’re going to check the approval ratings of WCVB sports anchor Mike Lynch. The WCVB-TV Channel 5 website has a bio of Lynch, and tells us that he has been the principal sports anchor for the station since 1985. He was a full time employee there for two years prior to that, and a part-timer for another year before that.

The bio also tells us that Lynch has hosted the weekly sports program “Patriots All Access,” since 1995. During the NFL pre-season, Lynch serves as a broadcast commentator during Patriots games. For 11 years, he hosted the Boston College weekly football coach’s show “Eagles Preview” on Channel 5.

Lynch is also known for the weekly NewsCenter 5 report “High Five” which he created in 1985 as a way to bring attention to the achievements of high school athletes.



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9 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Mike Lynch

  1. Mike gets points for focusing on lesser sports, and on high-school sports. He also gets points for staying away from the editorializing and pontificating that gives sports media hacks their deserved bad rap.


  2. I prefer my media types to be of the non-total-whore variety. Lynchie isn’t out there peddling his wares all over the place. It’s refreshing.


  3. Doesn’t anyone find him a little condescending? “This is Julio Lugo. He’s the Red Sox shortstop. This is his bat. See here, he gets a single.” Enough already. Plus the Thanksgiving Day high school football locker room pep talks from these insane coaches are a bit much to handle. Talk about feeding a monster ego on these idiots. Zero value to the general population unless you’ve got a kid in the game.


  4. Just wondering what some of the knocks on Lynch are. 16% disapproval is a bit higher than I expected. Does nobody stand a chance in some people’s minds?


  5. You gotta respect Lynchie … an old school scrapper who is not self-absorbed.

    Shows up to work sober, making him a rarity in Boston TV sports.

    Loyal to TV-5 and, obviously, a favorite of Belichek and the Pats.

    Lynch is uninspiring and bland and has been on auto-pilot for 20 years. However, he’s likeable and never alienates co-workers or athletes.


  6. meh, he’s kinda vanilla overall but is the consumate professional.

    i voted approve but it’s more a vote for patriots all access which is a great show.

    i can take him or leave him on red sox related stuff. he’s just another network TV goof with the Sox…. i just prefer his coverage of the Pats.


  7. I remember Mike back in the late 80’s. He’d always show up with tan pants, a button down polo shirt and a pair of loafers with no socks…or was that last week? Hey Mikey…you still wear Zoobahs?


    1. No socks seems so juvenile. Can’t the station afford a pair of socks for him, or at the very least, can’t they keep a tight shot on Mike so that we don’t have to see his sockless feet?


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