With no games for the locals last night, we’ll just cover a few quick items:

Glenn Ordway returned to the WEEI airwaves yesterday, following the most “frightening experience” of his life. Jessica Heslam in the Herald has a report on the return of the Big O.

David Scott has a quick non-update on NESN’s search for a replacement for Tina Cervasio, and a couple of other items.

After delaying their final Grapefruit league game for almost an hour, the Red Sox reached an agreement with MLB for getting their coaches compensated for the trip to Japan. Check the coverage on RedSoxLinks.com.

The Celtics hit Dallas tonight, while the Bruins have a home game with the Canadiens.

The Patriots met with Ohio State’s Vernon Gholston in a private workout yesterday.

The NCAA tournament tips off this afternoon. You can watch the games live online at NCAA.com.

Finally, I thought I’d pass along a report from our BSMW correspondent in China:

Hey Bruce,

I am in Shenzhen right now a small city of 9 million people on the Hong Kong/China border. I’m here for a furniture expo, and I’ve been visiting vendors at the show all week. Yesterday at 9:20am I went to one of the vendor’s booths and sat for 2 hours and watched the Celtics beat the Rockets on the 70″ plasma they had set up. The vendor makes stadium seats and their display was designed to look like a stadium. I actually watched from the “club seats” with the owner of the factory…a rabid Rockets fan. He knew I was from Boston and actually sent me an email inviting me to watch the game with him during the show. During the two hours probably 4000 people stopped by to watch parts of the game with about 200 staying for the whole game. It was crowded, but then again it was China. There was only one Celtics fan in attendance…me. But to give the Chinese credit, most who talked to me, and the owner kept introducing me to his customers who stopped the booth, knew Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. They knew how good the Celtics were this year. They also knew the Lakers, Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix and Orlando pretty well. They knew the players that is, the game they did not understand so well. I explained the defenses the teams played, some of the offensive plays, explained about position and we had a long talk about Yi Jianlin and what he needs to do to get better.

Anyway, China is NBA mad. Were the NBA to truly understand global marketing and branding, China would be a bigger market for them than the USA is within 2 years. It is hard to find licensed materials other than Yao shirts and those only in some of the more expensive stores. Several guys asked me to send them NBA stuff, which I will do when I get home. There is no NBA licensed product in Chinese language that I have seen and I have been in 4 major cities, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen.

The NBA is on their TV live, but not rebroadcast at night. With the lack of programing in China in general, this makes no sense to me considering the time zone differential. If the NBA was smart they would open a chain of NBA stores in China, complete with TV’s showing the NBATV and giving that network broadcast and rebroadcast rights to games in China. They might have an area in
the stores for people to sit and have tea/coffee and they would open them as fast as humanly possible…they only have another 8 to 10 years of Yao.

I hope all is well. I come back to the USA on Saturday. BSMW has kept me sane. Thanks for keeping it going.