Peter King appeared on WEEI’s Dale & Holley show today to discuss his recent USO tour in Afghanistan. He talked about the troops, and how they use football and talking about football as a real escape from what they have to deal with from day to day.

King loves to talk, and to tell stories of the people he talks to and his experiences. Today however, he might’ve gone a little too far when he gave out the number of Special Forces platoons in in Afghanistan.

A later caller to the show, who claimed to be connected to the military, criticized King for revealing this type of information over the airwaves and suggested that someone should pull King aside and advise him that he might need to be a little more careful about the things that he talks about on the radio. Dale and Holley agreed with this counsel, with Arnold saying that he would send King an email about it.

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3 thoughts on “Peter King’s Loose Lips

  1. King’s appearance was cringe inducing. Not only did give out names and hometowns of soldiers, but his tone, in my opinion, was a little creepy for a non-combatant. He talked about individual soldiers’ kills in a manner that seemed inapt. It was cold, like he was reveling in the death of another human being. His tone was just wrong, something I don’t think the soldiers he was discussing would ever think of adopting.



    Join us for the next nine months as we investigate the deep-seated problems about American sportswriters giving away vital information about our military operations. How much are they revealing? Is this radio interview it? Should we just accept that it is? Or is it more? Are certain sports reporters working for the terrorists? How deep does this run? How many vague, unsubstantiated “thoughts” can we offer?

    When will Arlen Specter get involved?


  3. To Mike W – that’s a great post!

    I didn’t hear the interview but I can just imagine is drippy over the top hyperbole.


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