In an effort to bring you a “fair and balanced” perspective to the Matt Walsh story in yesterday’s Globe, I present to you a link to Ron Borges’ rebuttal piece posted on

I bring you this link if only because it’s fun to:

1) See Ronnie bash the Globe.


2) See Ronnie defend Matt Walsh – the roommate would never have discovered that Walsh left knives in his bed if he wasn’t using the bed in the first place…by that logic, Walsh could’ve set the bed on fire and it would be roommate’s fault for being in it.

Good times.

I do agree with Ron on one point: Roger Goodell has just done a horrible job managing this situation from start to finish and is one of the main reasons the story just won’t go away. The NFL looks more and more ridiculous everytime the Commissioner opens his mouth as of late.

Old friend Albert Breer tipped me off to this story down in Dallas, which could be setting an interesting precedent in sports media and blogging.

Apparently the Mavericks and Mark Cuban have banned writers from the locker room whose “primary purpose is to blog.” This includes writers from the local newspapers.

So far, this new edict has only impacted one writer, Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News, who just happened to have been critical of coach Avery Johnson recently.

Cuban, on his blog, Blog Maverick explains that the new policy is simply due to the lack of space in the Mavericks’ locker room, and in the effort of granting equal access to all bloggers.



3 thoughts on “Borges Blasts Globe, Defends Walsh.

  1. If the Celtics locker room is any comparison (and it appears to be from the photo on Cuban’s site) then I would imagine there is plenty of room in there for everyone, particularly in a smaller media market than Boston. Perhaps the KG/Pierce press conferences help ease the post game traffic jam, but I just don’t see the issue.


  2. Ronnie says…

    “The Globe apparently forgot it also has “guidelines’’ about the use of anonymous quotes. One is that they never be used to slander someone because who knows what ax the anonymous fellow or lady might have to grind. So what was the name again on the first quote in the Walsh article about being “a loose cannon?’’ “Anonymous.’’ So much for guidelines.”

    Calling someone “a loose cannon” is slanderous?

    I’m also willing to bet you could search the Globe archives and find a few instances where Ronnie has used anonymous quotes that could be considered more slanderous than the “loose cannon” comment.


  3. The Broadsheet Bully strikes again!

    Hey, at least he’s got the Globe in his crosshairs now in addition to the Patriots and Belichick.

    He’s an equal opportunity hater.

    Agree that Goodell has completely messed this whole thing up however. Had he come clean in September with the information he divulged in his “State of the NFL” press conference before the Super Bowl, maybe this issue would have died back in mid-September, as it should have.


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