It appears that we might finally be getting close to the time when former Patriots employee Matt Walsh will reveal what he knows about the team’s videotaping practices, and whether he has any damaging information or evidence against them.

Bob Hohler has the results of the Globe’s month long investigation into Walsh and Spygate.

The piece is mostly critical of Walsh, who comes across as a bitter, vindictive sort looking to get back at a former employer. Some highlights:

  • Between the years of 2000-2002, Walsh did do some of the taping of signals for which the Patriots were punished this season, and might have tapes of that work.
  • The available evidence suggests that if Walsh has a tape of the Rams walk-through, he did it himself, on his own equipment, with no orders to record, and that no one in the Patriots organization saw it.
  • Walsh has “exaggerated or misrepresented elements of his online biography” making his role with the team seem bigger than it really was.
  • Walsh was dismissed from the Springfield College golf team in 1995 after a “prank” in which he “booby-trapped his sheets with a stainless steel, six-pronged blender blade” because he suspected his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend might use his bed.
  • Walsh was dismissed from the Patriots after recording Scott Pioli criticize his job performance during a meeting in Pioli’s office. Another employee witnessed the taping, and alerted Pioli, who found the tape on Walsh’s desk after he had left for the day.

One thing that we would’ve liked to have seen in this report is how exactly Walsh got hooked up with a high-powered Washington D.C. attorney. With the news that the NFL and Walsh are close to an agreement that would allow him to testify, the timing of this report indicates that the Globe has had this story ready to go for this moment, and it should get them quite a lot of attention over the next few days. In the Herald, John Tomase also reports on the progress of the talks between Walsh and the NFL.

If you’re interested in some actual Spygate-free football discussion, over at Patriots Daily, there is version 1.0 of the Patriots Draft Rumor inventory, which lists out draft-eligible players that have been mentioned in connection with the Patriots in recent weeks.

Red Sox

Tony Massarotti report that the Red Sox might hold Josh Beckett back from the Japan trip because of his back, which he injured on Saturday. The injury is said to be muscular in nature, and not too severe, but the Red Sox track record shows them to be cautious in handling these situations. Joe McDonald has J.D. Drew hoping to pick up where he left off in the last two months of the 2007 season. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the Dodgers abandoning Dodgertown in Vero Beach after training there for 60 springs. Jon Couture also reports on the move for the Dodgers.

Alex Speier looks at the challenges that “plus-size” pitchers such as Bartolo Colon might face in their conditioning efforts. Jeff Goldberg has left-handed reliever Craig Breslow from Yale trying to impress the Sox this spring. Goldberg’s notebook has Beckett’s back feeling much better yesterday. Speier also examines whether a new contract for Jason Varitek is in the cards for this spring.

Massarotti has Colon ready for some game activity after throwing two more simulated innings yesterday. Bob Halloran applauds Jonathan Papelbon for being “among the first voices to say they’re not comfortable with the idea of being owned and then one day freed.” Massarotti also has a piece on Nomar Garciaparra, who has fallen a long way from his glory days with the Red Sox.

Massarotti’s notebook has Daisuke Matsuzaka running in problems yesterday that were typical of his struggles last season. The Globe notebook has more on the possibility that Beckett might miss the trip to Japan. The Journal notebook says that Beckett’s back shouldn’t be a major concern in the long haul. Couture’s notebook says that the Sox will be patient with Beckett.


Kevin Paul Dupont and Stephen Harris report on the Bruins 1-0 shootout loss to the Rangers yesterday afternoon. Harris has highly regarded Matt Lashoff seeing a semi-regular shift for the Bruins yesterday after getting called up from Providence. Dupont’s notebook has rookie David Krejci jumping back into the game on Saturday night despite needing dental work after getting a stick in the face from Donald Brashear. Harris’ notebook has Zdeno Chara sitting out yesterday’s game.

Marc J. Spears has Doc Rivers talking about the deepest roster he’s ever had as a coach. Steve Bulpett has Brian Scalabrine prepared to be inactive with Sam Cassell getting ready for action.

Jenn Abelson looks at teams using technology and personal messages from their stars to sell ticket packages.


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