This morning’s Bob Hohler report in the Globe about Matt Walsh has predictably sparked much conversation on the radio airwaves and across the internet.

Gerry Callahan this morning effectively dismissed the Globe’s report as simply the Patriots going on the offensive to attempt to discredit Walsh before he talks.

In my mind, there’s a problem with that theory.

Other than Mike Reiss, and possibly Chris Gaspar, who at the Globe has a relationship with the Patriots that would result in the paper publishing a one-sided account in the team’s favor?

If anything, the Globe has shown a penchant in recent years for publishing articles containing the gripes of players and agents against the organization, usually right on the morning of a big game. (A Jackie MacMullan special)

Let me put it this way…do you think that if the Globe found anything in their investigation that they could use against the Patriots or that would put the team in a bad light, that they would hold it back and not report it?

Of course not. They would leap at the chance to publish material of that sort. As reader Jeff pointed out, Hohler is also the one who wrote the curious feature on Patriots backup fullback Kyle Eckel, which included all the dirt he could find, right down to his bottom standing in his graduating class.

If fact, I find it somewhat amusing which paragraph used for promoting this story on their sports section:

Amid news that former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh is close to reaching an agreement to tell what he knows, the Globe found that Walsh broke league rules under orders from the Patriots by videotaping opponents’ signals between 2000 and 2002, and could have video recordings to prove it, which has not been previously reported.

Not any of the ones with information on Walsh, but the one that has the Patriots ordering Walsh to break league rules. (Something that has already come out anyway, as the league said Bill Belichick admitted taping signals from the beginning of his tenure in New England.)’s FanNation does the same thing.

It is clear to me that the Patriots had minimal, if any input into this article. The Globe certainly didn’t serve as their mouthpiece for discrediting Matt Walsh. He apparently has done a good enough job himself of creating doubt in his credibility.


8 thoughts on “Boston Globe, Patriots Mouthpiece? Not So Fast.

  1. Right on about Callahan.

    I couldn’t believe what he was saying this morning!! One of his comments was along the lines of…”even if the Pats have evidence that Walsh taped the Rams’ walkthrough on his own, who is going to care? The fact is that there’s a tape of the Rams’ walkthrough and that’s going to be the story.”

    Now, I agree in part with Callahan there. The ESPN’s of the world will totally ignore the evidence that Walsh acted on his own, but the bigger picture here is SHOULDN’T real journalists care whether or not the Pats have credible evidence with which to defend themselves? Sadly, most media outlets will NOT care.

    Of course, even if that tape does exist, no one has ever been able to explain–with any credibility–just how it would have helped the Pats win Super Bowl XXXVI anyway. But that’s another story for another day.

    This whole Spygate story has been a sad indictment of the state of journalism today. ESPN has lost all credibility as a sports “news” outlet in my eyes. I’m completely convinced that the Tomase/Walsh/Walkthrough angle was dredged up two days before the Super Bowl specifically to cause a distraction for the Pats and their fans. I know that on the morning of the game, my personal Super Bowl experience had already been ruined by the “Spygate II” nonsense, even before the Pats lost that night. It was clear to me that the media simply was not going to let Patriots’ fans enjoy the 19-0 finish had it actually happened. That, to me, was the message sent with the “Spygate II” stories that weekend.

    And yes, I’m the guy who last week said he wouldn’t be listening to D&C anymore until baseball season started full throttle…but when I read the Globe article online this morning before heading off to work, I couldn’t help myself, even though I knew that D&C would only tick me off with their attitude about the story (which they did, naturally).

    This whole sordid story needs to go away NOW. It’s dragged on for six months too long.


    1. While I totally agree that this a completely overblown non-story until Walsh either produces a tape or reveals he doesnt have one but there is something that Tony, Bruce and my other fellow Pats fans need to keep in mind. None of this occurs or is ever covered by ESPN or EEI if our coach doesnt have the unbelievable arrogance to continue taping signals only days after being told specifically not to and in the house of a coach Belichick knows is aware of the practice. If he didnt feel he had to have those signals on that day, none of this occurs and we all arent wasting time and printweb space on it.
      While the fans are innocent victims of the slanted and overblown coverage, the team we root for cant complain. Lets all just hope there isnt a tape of a walkthru and we can all move on to much more fun stuff like the Celtics’ playoff push and the Sox repeat run.


  2. Journalism is no longer fair nor balanced. Remember that the BG is 17% owned by the NYT which a few weeks ago published a feature story about the presumptive republican nominee for POTUS. The story said that eight years ago his underlings told him to stay away from a lobbyist because people thought they were having an affair. Where’s the truth? Where’s the story? Where’s the investigation? What did they know and when did they know it? This week the NYT published a story that questions why the same person’s melanoma episode from a few years ago is not being discussed enough. I can’t wait to see what is in store for next week.

    Eventually MW’s story will come out and he will write a book or otherwise try to profit from it. I have my guess as to what is the truth, but I will wait for the details to emerge before I pass judgment. When the story comes out I will follow what the partisans on each side say and figure the truth is somewhere between those extremes. Too bad sports is getting like politics these days. I’m not sure whom I can trust, but I have a very good idea whom I cannot trust.


  3. Bruce,

    Thanks for listening to EEI so sane people don’t have to. Agree the Globe would love to out-Tomase the Herald if they could but they actually came out with a good article.

    I’m certain that Walsh will face the same type of scrutiny the Texas Con Man did and fail just as spectacularly. The Kraft family, Patriots fans and Pennsylvania taxpayers most likely will come out as the victims when this story is finished. Cannot wait for the draft when some real football happens.


  4. Curtis,

    I have to agree with you.

    If BB hadn’t continued the taping practice after being warned, and if he hadn’t been dumb (or arrogant) enough to do it across the field from his long-time protege who had an axe to grind, then none of this would have happened.

    Gregg Easterbrook would still be just an anti-semite writing a weekly column for, and not the bane of all Pats’ fans existence. Peter King would still be somewhat readable.

    Yup, ultimately, this is BB’s fault, and all Pats’ fans are suffering for it.

    But seriously folks…..SIX MONTHS LATER and this “story” is still in the news?

    It really needs to end, and it needs to end NOW.

    If it’s NOT going to end now, then it’s time to start investigating every other team in the NFL, because everybody knows that other teams have done things that would cause the Commish to fine them or dock them draft picks as well.

    Just end it and let’s talk football only from now on, please!


  5. I think your site finds conspiracies too easily. During the football season you called comments by John Tomase ‘ironic’ because they may have been taken to be contradictory to some statements by Michael Felger.

    I don’t think that earlier critical articles about the Patriots indicate any particular animus or that the present article is a contradiction of any previous intent.


  6. Why would the Globe report a good news story?

    Well, the Pats are rumored to be shutting out people who say bad things. In other words, it’s “be nice to us or you’ll get nothing.” By reporting good news and getting better access the Globe can sell more papers.

    Why is it this site is never critical of someone writing a positive story about a local team?


  7. Wow. Just read that article on Eckel by Hohler. Seems like he was looking really hard for a story. The only incident that matters (whatever led to his dismissal) is the one no one will talk about, and he can only find one guy to trash Kyle. But he makes an entire article out of someone else’s wrongdoing and an incident with dropped charges. All to basically call into question the character of a guy who has been zero trouble for the Pats. What, exactly, was the point of that?


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