It’s a busy day for the Patriots blogs today, with multiple updates being published throughout the morning.

John Tomase explores why a new deal for Randy Moss has not been announced as of yet.

Here is his third possible reason for no deal:

3. The sides are merely negotiating. Technically, they weren’t allowed to talk about a new deal until this morning, so maybe this is just taking some time. We shall see.

Tomase is incorrect here. The Patriots and Moss could do all the talking and negotiating they wanted to do prior to today. They just couldn’t sign a new deal until the new league year began. He was their player, so they certainly had the right to talk to him about contractual matters, but they couldn’t sign anything until today.

Whether they get a new deal done or not remains to be seen, but they had the ability to talk to him all along. So have speculated that the Patriots haven’t announced the deal because they don’t want people to accuse them of “cheating” again for working on a new deal prior to today. That theory doesn’t hold water either. There was nothing to prevent the Patriots and Moss from working on a new deal, and even drawing up all the papers to have ready to sign at 12:01am today if that is what they wanted to do.

Speaking of Tomase, isn’t pleased with him, and they’ve removed the Herald headlines from their website in protest.

It sure looks like Asante Samuel is headed to Philadelphia, but I thought he wanted a $100 million dollar deal…

Meanwhile, Donte’ Stallworth is going to visit with the Cleveland Browns.

2 thoughts on “Moss, Samuel Updates

  1. And the Herald has closed the comments section on his blog (though you can still comment on his articles.) Too bad the criticism of Tomase has degenerated into curly-hair and fat jokes because I think the genesis of the criticsm (his exclusive Matt Walsh story just before the SB) deserves the criticism.


  2. On the Pats Fans link you listed “Ian” who appears to be the guy who runs that site (based on what his comments are) actually says that’s not why they took the link down.


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