Yesterday I had noted the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association and Hall of Fame honorees, today we’ll mention the Associated Press Sports Editors awards for both writers and sections.

Of local interest, section winners included the Lewiston Sun Journal; the New Bedford Standard Times; the Nashua Telegraph ; the Worcester Telegram-Gazette; the New Haven Register; the Portland Press Herald; and the Boston Globe.

Writing winners included Tim O’Sullivan (Concord Monitor), Mick Colageo (New Bedford Standard Times), Chris Carlson (Berkshire Eagle), Dave D’Onofrio (Concord Monitor), David Brown (New Bedford Standard Times), Chip Malafronte (New Haven Register), Dave Solomon (New Haven Register), Shawn Courchesne (Hartford Courant), Jeff Jacobs (Hartford Courant), Dan Shaughnessy, and project teams at both the Courant and the Globe.


10 thoughts on “APSE Honors Local Writers, Papers

  1. Funny that Shaughnessy, who fan-boy Boston fans always complain about, is so well-regarded nationally. Meanwhile, his name is listed last among the winners in a petty fashion.


    1. Ed – As correctly pointed out by JC below, the winners were listed in the order in which they appeared on the page. There was no effort to snub Shaughnessy there.


  2. The list appears to go in the order that the winners were listed on the APSE pages, which had the lowest circulation divisions listed first.

    FYI, proudly proclaiming your middle initial on a message board quote makes you look like a tool.


  3. All Shaughnessy winning every year means is that the same clique awards the same awards to their same buddies every year. It’s roughly as meaningful as your kids getting trophies for participating at the end of youth soccer season.


  4. Says Wilson, who didn’t win anything. In fact, APSE had a huge turnover in judges this year. And if the same clique wins the same awards, where were Albom and Lupica?


  5. Who’s to say Albom and Lupica entered? No doubt Shaughnessy, who is more management than staff, was the only Globe entry. And if you look at the list of winners, their reputations are far greater than their body of work.

    Anyone who reads Shaughnessy knows he is paid for doing nothing. What was the award for, anyway — Most Craptacular Column?


  6. I don’t fully understand the awards. Are Columnists voted for a body of work (a full year’s output) or for a single column? And why don’t they identify the “project” that the project teams worked on? Shaughnessy, Benjamin, Edes, and Ryan all filed World Series stories, but they didn’t work in concert, as “project” would imply, and Series or NFL Playoffs are the only things this year that I can imagine involved that many sportswriters on the same topic.


  7. They’re voted on for particular columns, and sports sections are judged based on pre-selected dates that the newspapers know in advance. So they can cherry pick one of those random Shaughnessy tear-jerkers about kids running track at Newton North with no legs that suddenly appear for no apparent reason; and the “best section” judging is based on those magic pre-selected days, in which the show ponies usually trot out those paint-by-number investigative pieces or some sort of similar pablum.


  8. More misinformation from idiots:

    The APSE “mandatory dates” are not announced (or even determined) until after Jan. 1.

    And, right, Albom and Lupica weren’t entered. Of course they weren’t. You keep on believing that.

    And papers can submit three entries for each category, including columnist. I would suspect the Globe did not enter Shaughnessy’s name three times.

    But other than that, you guys are exactly correct.

    Face facts, Shaughnessy is a nationally respected columnist whose only enemies are the narrow-minded fanboys of Boston who dream of just getting to brush up against one of their heroes.



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