Boston has certainly entered the blog age in full force. Everywhere you turn there is a traditional media outlet trying to to enter the digital age by putting out a new blog, with a media member trying to latch onto this new form of information distribution.

We’ve got some of the best MSM (MainStream Media) sports blogs in the country here, led by Reiss’ Pieces – Mike Reiss’ creation sets the standard for all sports blogs. It’s constantly updated, and always informative. Rob Bradford’s Bradford Files isn’t updated quite as much, but he’s put some tremendous material in there over the years. There are many others which provide steady information flow which attracts both website visitors and RSS subscribers.

Some blogs however, haven’t been executed quite so successfully. Here’s some of the worst blogs we’ve come across that are run by media outlets or media members…

5) The Boston Herald’s Celtics Insider.

Big fan of Steve Bulpett at this address. Unfortunately, the blog is pretty weak. It can go days without being updated, and usually the updates are no more than just a couple of lines. It seems like the blog is an afterthought, and only exists so that the Herald can say they have a blog for the team.

4) The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune’s Burt Talks Sports

Burt does try to be regular with his updates, brief as some of them are. The posts are simple, usually based on a question, trying to engage the commenters. The hard returns after each sentence are a little weird. At least the E-T seems to have finally given up the forwarding, for the longest time that address, which was the original Rob Bradford blog on the E-T was kept by the paper and forward traffic to Burt’s blog.

3) Back and Forth with Ron Borgesby Former Globe Football writer Ron Borges.

Had hate on this one just out of principle. It’s actually not that horrible, but it’s not so much a blog, as it is a place for Borges to file columns that he can’t get published in the Globe any more. The updates could be a bit more regular, and his “Lockadini” of the week during football season proved that Borges was probably more successful when he had the interns picking for him. In the regular season, Borges ended up 20-32 overall in his picks and by Championship weekend he was 4-6 in the “Lockadini” category.

2) The Patriots Football Weekly Official Blog

Train Wreck. Just read this. Or this. Or even this. I detect some…issues there.

1) Butch Stearns’ NewsroomFOX25 Website.

Wow. I’m not sure what is worse, Stearns’ simpleton posts or the commenters that rush in to agree with him. Today, for instance, he has praise for Dan Burton’s performance on the congressional hearings yesterday, while he says that Stephen Lynch “bored us with medical documents.” So Butchie liked the grandstanding of the former, and the latter was too deep and serious for his liking. Lynch was discussing…you know, facts. Dangerous! He also likes to play the game of stating a unquestioned fact, and then trying to attack it. Sometimes when he’s pressed for time, the “caption contest” is favorite standby. This blog does make great entertainment, not exactly in the ways in which it is intended, but I suppose that has to count for something.

A “best of” list will be forthcoming in the next few days as well.


5 thoughts on “The Five Worst Media Blogs in Boston

  1. I had never read the PFW blog before if that’s its best that’s pretty sorry. Glad to see the Kraft family are getting their money’s worth

    Also I can’t tell you how tickled I am that Butch Stearns earned the #1 spot. He is the most ill-informed sportscaster I’ve ever heard and that’s going a long way after listening to the Big Show and have DeOssie and Smerlas act like they’re still the high school bully.


  2. I think the Herald uses Celtics Insider to release breaking news. I have it in my RSS feeder and never think about it unless it pops up with some new news.

    Doesn’t make it a great blog, but it does come in handy for me from time to time.
    p.s. thanks for not listing me on the worst blogs list 😉


  3. Stearns prides himself on being some sort of locally born expert on all things Boston sports. The truth is, you could find mental patients in Bridgewater Hospital that could debate sports more coherently that his maniac. His equally brain-dead cohorts at WEEI are lately picking up on his lack of intelligence and regularly beating up on the guy. He either needs the money that bad, or it’s just another sign of his ignorance and he can’t recognize he’s being tooled on. Fox 25 should be embarrassed for paying this jackass one penny more than the security guardt there makes.


  4. The pfw blog is there for fans of there podcasts- the guys are funny and dont take themselves too seriously.

    Unlike this Bruce fella, maybe he needs to gain a sense of humour 😉


  5. the PFW Blog is an extension of the webradio show. Some of the entries are jokes that someone that does not listen to the show will not get. The blog is very good during patriots training camp with muliple daily entries. Also they have very good draft coverage. Anyone who wants to get a fair impression of the value the blog should check out the NFL Scouting Combine (2008). this is one example:


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