Congratulations to the New York Giants, who put together a great game plan and played their hearts out tonight, defeating the heavily favored and previously unbeaten Patriots.

New York was in Tom Brady’s face the entire night, forcing the Patriots record-setting quarterback into many hurried and misthrown passes. Eli Manning came out fully from behind his big brother’s shadow, winning a championship of his own, tossing the winning pass with just 35 seconds left in the game.

It would be a shame if some put this loss down to comeuppance and karma coming back to the Patriots for the camera scandal and other events that people have found fault with the franchise for.

To do that would take away from what the Giants accomplished tonight, which was nothing short of amazing.

Congratulations again to them. They deserve full credit for this win.

I have a feeling most of you probably won’t feel like reading about sports today, or for perhaps a few days to come. I know I don’t.