Perhaps the worst sports radio call ever: Guy calls up Dale & Holley on WEEI today, worried that Randy Moss’ accuser might show up at the Super Bowl and he won’t be able to get on the field because of the restraining order. True story.

I’d like to give Steve DeOssie a nod this week. His son is playing in the Super Bowl, and you wouldn’t really know it except co-hosts or callers keep bringing it up. He’s given his analysis of the Patriots and Giants just as he always would, even though you know he’s pulling for his son and the Giants to beat the Patriots (as he should be).

Speaking of DeOssie, if you watched the NFL Network’s replay of the Giants/Bills Super Bowl from 1991, at the end of the game, you saw DeOssie on the field with his video camera filming the action as his teammates celebrated. There were also a number of shots of a youthful Bill Belichick on the Giants’ sideline.

Wright Thompson has a fascinating look at the man behind the curtain, “Belichick’s Belichick”, Ernie Adams.

Lee Jenkins looks at the development of Tom Brady since his days at Michigan. Greg Garber also looks at what drives Brady. Charles Robinson says that the Giants are going to focus on keeping Brady IN the pocket and not letting him move around. Mike Celizic says that everyone, even opponents, are envious of Brady.

Thomas Milz tracks down Gisele Bündchen’s dad in Brazil to find out what he thinks of Brady.

I enjoyed this brief blog entry from Mike Sando, talking about lame questions that get asked of coaches and athletes.

Jason Whitlock picked the Giants last week, but says today that we should all be rooting for the Patriots. Skip Wood says that Rodney Harrison can takes hits as well as he dishes them out.

Len Pasquarelli looks at the important part that roles players perform for the Patriots. Ira Miller looks at the Patriots chameleonic offense. Clark Judge feels that Josh McDaniels doesn’t get enough credit and is deserving of a head coaching gig. Pete Prisco looks at McDaniels opposite number with the Giants, Kevin Gilbride. Vic Carucci says that ‘Brady’s Bearded Bunch’ holds the key to Sunday’s game. Frank Tadych looks at the bond between Brady and his line.

Mike Brilliant has a Celtics report card for the BSMW Full Court Press.

Tonight’s Patriots/Super Bowl Programming

6:00PM, NESN – Globe 10.0
6:00PM, CSN – Twin River New England Tailgate with Ordway, Smerlas and DeOssie – taped in Glendale
6:30PM, CSN – Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight – 30 minute special live from Glendale
7:00PM, NFLN – NFL Total Access at the Super Bowl – Live from NFL Experience
8:30PM, NFLN – Playbook Hosted By: Sterling Sharpe & Brian Baldinger

  • A look at the Giants’ defense
  • A breakdown of the Giants front four including the different looks they use and why they might have trouble putting pressure on Tom Brady.
  • Why might the Giants secondary get exposed?
  • How can Antonio Pierce be the difference maker on the Giants defense?

9:00PM, NFLN – Super Bowl Classics – Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles with Paul McCartney Halftime Show
10:00PM, NESN – SportsDesk
10:00PM, CSN – Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight – 30 minute special live from Glendale
11:00PM, CSN – Road to Perfection Special – 1 hour live special from Glendale
11:00PM, NESN – SportsDesk
11:00PM, NECN – Patriots Football Weekly
11:30PM, NESN – Globe 10.0


7:30, NESN – Bruins @ Senators
8:00, TNT – Mavericks @ Celtics