Dave here with a few tidbits to get us through this long weekend.

You can watch the video Brian discussed in this morning’s links of Mike Pereira, the NFL’s VP of Officiating, defending the pass interference call on Ellis Hobbs Sunday. For anybody who does not get the NFL Network a majority of their programming is available on the NFL.com website. Like Brian said earlier, it is fascinating to watch Pereira describe Ellis’ foul, and the exact things he did to get the flag thrown.

Speaking of not having the NFL Network, Phil Mushnick tackles that exact subject.

David Scott takes a look at the Nick Cafardo retraction/gaffe in this week’s edition of Scott’s Shots. He also declares Yahoo’s dominance over ESPN in the Reggie Bush saga.

For a look at all of the College Football on television this weekend, check here.

With the Patriots on a bye, we’ll have to turn our attention to the rest of the NFL. Here’s who we get a chance to see this Sunday.

CBS Single Game
Fox Early Game
Fox Late Game

The weekend’s NFL action ends with Indy heading West to take on the San Diego Chargers in Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Enjoy the long weekend.

We’ll be back here on Monday with a full slate of links.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check in with Patriots Daily for all the weekend’s coverage.