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I guess every Patriots fan can thank Colts kick Adam Vinatieri for missing a kick he could have made with his other leg. Did anyone really think the Chargers were going to win with a 29-yarder on the line? Wow!

With Indy’s loss, that gives the undefeated Patriots basically a three-game lead in the conference. The 9-0 Pats own the tie-breakers with the 7-2 Colts. The Pats have three of their final seven games against teams with a winning record, so I think it’s safe to say the top seed in the playoffs is theirs.

For all you fantasy footballers, a note on tonight’s game — Seahawks’ Shaun Alexander and Deion Branch are likely out tonight against the 49ers.

Major League Baseball will announce its American League Rookie of the Year this afternoon. Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia plans to hold a press conference after the announcement. The Boston Globe plans on blogging the event here. For a look at who the ESPN experts think will win, click here.

The Boston Herald’s Rob Bradford is hot on the Mike Lowell contract negotiations. The Sox have until midnight to strike a deal before other teams can get involved. Word is three years is not enough for the World Series MVP.

Over in college football, John Walters of takes a look at another crazy weekend, where more top seeds (yes, including Boston College) took another tumble.

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Over at Patriots Daily, Scott Benson takes a look at how a loss by Indy and a comeback win by Pittsburgh have changed the landscape in the AFC.