So what exactly is happening on the WEEI morning show?

I think its safe to say that there is more going on than what we are being told. We know Gerry Callahan is out with his continued throat issue, but now John Dennis is out as well. It is rumored that this is an “unplanned” absence.

We also know that the duo’s contracts are set to expire sometime near the end of this summer. We’re also approaching a very important time of the sports calendar. With the AL East race tightening up, the Celtics making headlines on a seemingly daily basis and the Patriots starting to play preseason games, there are many things to talk about, and you would think that the station would need these guys in there. (Especially with Glenn Ordway taking his annual August sabbatical.)

Listeners to the show, even the most loyal ones (and the show does have its share) are starting to smell a rat here. Is Dennis trying to get some leverage with the station by sitting out? Does he feel he should get a bigger piece of the pie after carrying the show since Callahan went out in April? Is the station going to lose listeners with these tactics?

Entercom management seems to have more than just Howie Carr to worry about.

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The Celtics have added Tom Thibodeau as an assistant coach. Thibodeau was essentially Jeff Van Gundy’s “defensive coordinator” in Houston this past season.

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Vic Carucci tells us which teams have a shot at the Super Bowl, and which teams are out of the running already.

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