Ron Borges made his return to the WEEI airwaves today after an 8 year absence, (as we were told several times over the course of the show) and was a bit different from the guy who launched bombs at WEEI from the smaller frequencies of WWZN and 890 ESPN Boston over the last few years.

Borges insisted that he didn’t have anything against Belichick personally – a statement that contradicts many of his earlier rants from the other stations. He said all he knows about Belichick is what he reads in the papers…while on the others stations, Borges had previously hinted that he had information about the personal life of the Patriots coach that he was withholding.

In other areas Borges was the same…things he was wrong about were deflected – his comments from when the Patriots drafted Richard Seymour were blamed on the scouts whom he talked to prior to that draft. Too much time was spent rehashing the Deion Branch situation from last year.

Borges revealed the subject of the book that he is writing after his “retirement” from the Globe. It is about former Oakland Raiders player and coach Art Shell. No surprise there.

The crossover with Glenn Ordway started out light, but Ordway did end up challenging Borges a bit, which was nice to hear. It seemed to be pointing the way towards a future co-host role on the Big Show during football season.

Where does this leave Michael Felger and 890 ESPN Boston? As Borges pointed out several times today “loyalty is a one-way street.” Felger gave Borges airtime over the last couple of years…will he continue to appear on that show, or is it now WEEI or nothing?

Jessica Heslam has a short note on Borges’ appearance.

4:00pm has arrived and word is in from the Asante Samuel talks. No deal. In fact, Mike Reiss says that things were never close.

The mixed signals coming from Samuel’s camp the last few days have been intriguing. Eric McHugh had another update today, where he had talked with agent Glenn Tobey at 3:30am today and Tobey had said that “We’re anticipating us coming together” on a deal.

This was different from what the Globe and Herald were getting from Alonzo Shavers in today’s papers. Shavers had said that things weren’t close to getting done. has an interesting take on the situation:

We tend to put more stock in what Shavers says, since he's the one who is permitted to talk directly to the team on Samuel's behalf. Also, the fact that Toby apparently handles marketing opportunities only for Samuel suggests to us that Toby would like to allow Samuel to avoid any public blame for the failure of a deal to get accomplished.

But overstating the chances of getting a deal done would be an effective P.R. strategy only if everyone on the representation team is saying so. In this case, the quotes from Toby and Shavers suggest that the right hand doesn't know where in the hell the left hand is.

Glenn Ordway’s name was among the finalists for the NAB Marconi Radio Awards announced today. Ordway along with WXKS morning host Matt Siegel was named as a finalist in the “Large Market Personality of the Year” category. WEEI is not a finalist in the “Sports Station of the Year.”

Tom Pedulla looks at the giant expectations surrounding the New England Patriots coming into the 2007 season. has a training camp preview of the Patriots.

Peter King trots out his pre-training camp power rankings, with the Colts sitting on top. I don’t mind that, as they are the Super Bowl champs. King’s notes under the Patriots is odd….rather than referring to the last time the Patriots played the Chargers (in the playoffs last year), King says that New England needs to do better than it did two years ago against the Chargers.

There is a pair of interesting articles from the Wall Street Journal today. First Jason Fry looks at the NFL’s “45 second rule” limiting media website to 45 seconds a day of audio and video shot on NFL property. Adam Thompson looks at sports leagues in general placing limitations on coverage.

Gordon Edes has a slightly tardy edition of the Ask Edes mailbag.

Chad Finn is all for a Jon Lester for Mark Teixeira swap if it were to be offered.


7:00pm, NESN – Royals @ Red Sox
7:00pm, ESPN – Giants @ Cubs
9:00pm. ESPN2 – World Cup Final: USA vs Japan