Can anyone tell me what in the world the NFL is thinking with their new policy (actually announced last month) that prohibits news organizations from posting any more than 45 seconds per day of video shot at a team’s facilities, including news conferences, interviews and practice-field reports on their websites?

The idea, supposedly, is to drive more viewers to the official websites of the leagues and teams to get exclusive news and video clips.

This means that on-camera locker room reports on outlets such as WBZ-TV’s website will be severely limited starting this season, as well as training camp reports and so forth. Media outlets can do unlimited on-site, on-camera reports, but cannot show action or players, even in the background.

It just doesn’t make sense to me why the NFL would want less of its product and personalities out there available for the public to view. The desire to improve traffic to their own network of sites is understandable, but this action seems at first glance to be taking things a bit too far.

A Houston Chronicle columnist, John McClain created a satirical video on the topic which can be seen here below to the right. (Click on the video to play)

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