Had switch off WEEI after hearing Glenn Ordway and Steve Buckley discussing “where David Chase went wrong” in the Sopranos finale…

Buster Olney has David Ortiz and the other Red Sox players trying to get Kevin Youkilis into the All Star game at first base. Because DHs are not listed on the ballot, Ortiz is listed as the Red Sox representative at first base. Big Papi was “all for” the idea that his name be replaced with Youkilis on the ballot sent to players.

Olney was also on 890 ESPN Boston this afternoon.

Jessica Camerato analyzes how a trade for Shawn Marion would impact the Celtics.

Bill Burt on BradfordonBaseball.com says that it is time to end interleague play.

Merril Hoge and Joe Theismann debate the best offenses and defenses in the AFC East.

Carmine Frongillo doesn’t think the Asante Samuel situation will get dragged out.

Mark Farinella has another edition of “Ask Fearless.”

Tom Curran says that there are good guys in the NFL, it’s just that the bad apples are getting the attention.


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