Josh Beckett improved to 6-0 on the season as the Red Sox took a 6-4 victory over the Oakland A’s at Fenway Park last night.

Sean McAdam notes that watching Beckett this season is seeing “the evolution of a thrower becoming a pitcher.” Tom Yantz has Beckett going seven strong innings, but leaving because of some “tightness” in his back in that last frame. Michael Silverman looks at Beckett providing a lift to the Red Sox as they bounced back nicely from the loss the night before. Gordon Edes has more on the strong outing for Beckett, and a somewhat strange game all around for the Red Sox and A’s. Phil O’Neill has Beckett ending his outing with a 97mph strike to Mark Ellis.

Get the view from Oakland on last night’s game from the Bay Area Sports Headlines.

Steve Buckley notes that Beckett is joining some legendary company with his 6-0 start to the season. Names like Ruth, Clemens and Martinez. Amalie Benjamin notes that Beckett’s results are about the only thing that is different about him this season, he hasn’t changed his personality or style. Jon Couture notes that Beckett was perfect for four innings last night, and hung on for his final three. Bill Reynolds says that there is a reason that Terry Francona has lasted this long as Red Sox manager – he’s very good at the job. Bill Burt says that Alex Cora is a true Patriot.

Rob Bradford looks at Coco Crisp coming into form, as the centerfielder is hitting .375 in his last 11 games and making great catches in the outfield. Steven Krasner has more on the spark Crisp has brought to the bottom of the Red Sox lineup as of late, and also examines a few other items from last night’s game. Alex Speier has a good look at Jason Varitek approaching the 10th anniversary of the trade that brought him here from Seattle.

Bradford also has Hideki Okajima getting a new translator and an old friend in one package. Joe Haggerty looks at Jonathan Papelbon’s place in the game, even after a bad night at the office. Buckley talks to Mike Timlin, who got the save last night, about approaching the end of the line.

In the Bradford Files, he and Curt Schilling go back and forth on the subject of media.

Brendan McGair reports on a forearm cramp which ended his Pawtucket rehab start after only three innings last night. Kevin McNamara has more on the shortened outing for Lester with the PawSox. Nick Cafardo has more on the hiccup in Lester’s comeback. John Connolly also reports on the cramp that ended the outing prematurely for Lester.

There has been a lot of Moss talk in New England this week. Mike McMahon looks at another Moss, PawSox outfielder Brandon Moss, who is quietly off to a terrific start in Pawtucket.

Silverman’s notebook has the high school that Daisuke Matsuzaka attended named in a “nationwide scandal involving improper courtesies extended to its baseball players.” Edes’ notebook has Okajima being named AL Rookie of the Month for April. The Projo notebook has more on Okajima. Yantz’s notebook also looks at the reliever from Japan. O’Neill’s notebook looks at Varitek in the midst of another brutal hitting slump. Couture’s notebook has Francona encouraging the players to mingle on the field without the use of translators, fostering more efforts at communication and team building.


Mike Reiss has the Patriots hosting free agent veteran defensive lineman Ian Scott down at Gillette. Ron Chimelis doesn’t believe the Patriots are taking a big risk with Randy Moss, because the possible reward is so high. Dan Lamothe examines the rush to condemnation of the Patriots by many in the media.

I’ll ask again…who put the Patriots on the “moral high ground” -themselves or the media?

In reaction to the Peter King clip I posted here on Tuesday afternoon, I got this email from Todd L:


Methinks you are missing the point; really, you can’t tell him because he’s too ignorant to listen/understand. In probably the only lucid moment Peter King has ever endured while at the keyboard he’s providing insight into his psyche. Peter King lives in a world of naivety (he’s written that the NFL doesn’t have many players using sports performance drugs), ignorance (has he EVER predicted anything correctly), and self-righteousness (his holier than thou stance on many a topic is hypocritical and absurd) and it’s not surprising he’s widely respected by the NFL brass who spoon feeds him stories.

Now that my dander is up let me also say that the Boston sports media should be ashamed of themselves; really, how can these supposedly objective writers/TV personalities not see the venom/jealousy/resentment in their words? The New England Patriots have created something special over the past 6 years and it’s a downright shame the so-called writers/reporters only agenda is to tear it down. At least Ron “cut & paste” Borges is upfront with his hatred of all things Patriot and is enjoyable due to his complete detachment from reality. However, the hatchet men and women who collect a paycheck for allegedly reporting and not being the news have come out in full force since the draft/trade and it’s sickening.

To set the record straight smoking weed and bumping a meter maid don’t even register on the radar; heck, he probably had a serious case of the munchies and she was holding him up! Anyhow, it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE to being a piece of garbage bully and rapist (Peters); however, that’s the angle being played by the Boston media. How many NFL GM’s would pass on Moss for a 4th rounder and 3 million salary…even Matt Millen would have enough sense to make that trade! What’s alarming is that the national media takes cues from the local watchdogs and thus, they portray this Boston media agenda BS to the rest of the nation. Ask yourself, and your loyal legion of readers, what the national media would be writing if the Colts had made this trade…enough said!

Todd L.

I highlighted the section in bold, because I think it really is what you’re seeing here. I might explore this subject a little more later, if I have the time, because the whole thing is way out of control.


Bob Ryan and Desmond Conner examine the controversy caused by the research paper entitled “Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees”, which was brought to attention by Alan Schwarz in the New York Times yesterday.