Michael Silverman looks at Craig Hansen, who was sent to the minors yesterday, and might be there for some time to give him time to develop. Dan Shaughnessy has a look at Coco Crisp, who faces the pressure of needing to produce this season, or perhaps be moved. Jeff Horrigan has Daisuke Matsuzaka upset at his “struggles”, (one hit allowed in his last 10 innings) and notes that it is all likely part of his adjustment to the American style of baseball. Jim Donaldson wonders if Terry Francona and the Red Sox will be over-managing Jonathan Papelbon because of his shoulder condition and putting him back in a role they previously said could shorten his career.

Sean McAdam has the Red Sox finalizing their 25 man roster, with no real surprises. Horrigan also reports on the opening day bullpen roster spots being settled with some fairly unusual results: three lefties in the bullpen to start the season. Jeff Goldberg looks at Kyle Snyder making the opening day roster as the feel-good story of the staff this spring. Alex Speier says Snyder offers some depth to the Red Sox staff, should something happen to one of the starters. Silverman has Tim Wakefield ready to get the season started.

McAdam’s notebook has Matsuzaka blaming a lack of focus for his struggles. Shaughnessy’s notebook has Delcarmen and Hansen being sent down, and Snyder and Lopez staying with the big club. Horrigan’s notebook has Jon Lester scheduled for another minor league spring training start before starting the season with Gabe Kapler’s Single A club in Greenville.


John Tomase has Brian Billick gushing about Adalius Thomas and all the things that he can do on the football field.

Do the Ravens get any heat for not re-signing their own players? Are they “arrogant” and think that they can just keep winning regardless of who the players are? Is this cheapness and arrogance going to catch up with Ozzie Newsome and Brian Billick? Sure, getting rid of Jamal Lewis might be one thing, but Adalius Thomas was the ideal Raven and they just let him walk for nothing? The comments from Billick in the above article sure sound a lot like what was said around here the last couple years for different players…”Great guy, everything you want in a teammate, player and person, we wanted to keep him, but it just didn’t work out that way…”

Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots possibly exploring their options in the draft at running back with the injury to Laurence Maroney. Mike Reiss has the NFL owners voting yesterday to make instant replay a permanent part of the game. Reiss’ last paragraph has the NFL director of officiating Mike Pereira noting some points of emphasis for the officials this season, which include not calling as many roughing the passer penalties for minimal contact.

Tomase also has Marvin Lewis downplaying Thomas’ stints in the secondary, saying that the sight of that made he and his staff with the Bengals smile and throw the ball downfield. The comments from Lewis sort of seem to confirm the notion that it was Lewis who was the “AFC North Executive” who Ron Borges went to for quotes in his negative piece on Thomas in the Globe the day after the Patriots signed him. (Which was also the same day his plagiarized NFL notes ran.)

Tomase’s notebook reports that Troy Brown is actually coming back from a ruptured patella tendon, and will not make a decision on returning until he is closer to being able to get on the field. Reiss’ notebook has more on Brown, and has Eric Mangini gushing about his new hire, former Patriots assistant Brian Daboll.


Fluto Shinzawa and Steve Conroy have the Bruins finally showing some effort and determination in beating the Ottawa Senators 3-2 last night.

Shinzawa’s notebook has Bobby Allen feeling like he belongs on the ice more for the Bruins, but not wanting to cause any waves. Conroy’s notebook has Patrice Bergeron wanting his teammates to show a little more emotion on the ice.


Steve Bulpett has Doc Rivers stating that his club should be in the playoffs next season, even if they don’t add a single player to the roster this summer. Shira Springer has Kendrick Perkins looking at the team’s stats rather than his own, and focusing more on areas where he can contribute on the court beyond statistics. Scott Souza has Doc Rivers continuing to be upbeat and positive even as his team struggles to the second-worst record in the NBA. Jessica Camerato has Sebastian Telfair feeling like an old man on the Celtics.


I take everything that the Inside Track says with a grain of salt, and so should you. That out of the way, they say that WBCN might be trying to lure Dennis & Callahan away from WEEI this summer as they try to go to a “man radio” morning talk show.

Bob Hohler examines the lack of racial diversity in the Harvard athletic program.