Wyc Grousbeck was a guest on WEEI’s Big Show this afternoon, and announced that the club’s radio broadcasts will be moving from WRKO 680 over to WEEI for the next two seasons.

The release from the club is pasted follow the TV listings below.

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated served as an umpire in last Friday’s Red Sox exhibition game against the Orioles. He writes about in this weeks edition of the magazine, on newsstands today. His story has his account of J.D. Drew thinking that he is a real umpire and asking him for a ruling on a play that he really doesn’t know the answer to – when the ball is wedged under the fence.

“Uh, did it go under the fence at all?” I ask in an attempt to avoid his question. “Because if it goes under the fence it’s a dead ball even if he fishes it out.”

“No,” Drew says, more impassioned this time. “The ball got stuck between the bottom of the fence and the ground. What’s the ruling?”

“The ball’s in play unless it goes completely under the fence,” I reply, in full filibuster mode as I return to the under-the-fence diversion.

“No, not under the fence,” Drew says again, more confused than annoyed about not getting a direct answer from an umpire. “What’s the ground rule here on a ball stuck under the fence?”

He relates getting rescued by a real umpire just in time. He notes that he went to Drew the next day, who said he didn’t recognize on the field.

Chad Finn has a new post up on his Touching All The Bases blog and among the usual entertaining items is some good news; he’ll be doing a weekly column for FoxSports.com and he mentions that he’ll soon have “some sort of affiliation with Boston.com.”

Finn needs a larger audience just so they can read stuff like this:

His Idiot’s Guide To Plagiarism was one thing, but yesterday’s suggestion that the Celtics might want to consider trading for pretty-close-to-untouchable Jazz star Carlos Boozer made it official: Butch Stearns has officially passed Steve Burton as the frontrunner for our annual TV Sports Dude Who Was Most Likely Dropped On His Head As An Infant award. Stay tuned.


The Red Sox held a media lunch today for several of the reporters covering the team, as an opportunity to meet with Japanese pitchers Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Okajima and their interpreters. The accounts:

Bill Simmons unveils his plan to save Holy Cross basketball.

Murray Chass continues his obsession with the Red Sox and J.D. Drew.

Andy Hart answers a bag of PFW email.

Joe Theismann says he has been offered a job as a college analyst for ESPN/ABC, but isn’t sure he wants to take the job, saying “It would be like training to be a doctor or a lawyer and having them say, ‘we would like you to change to another profession.”

Leonard Shapiro has a good column on ESPN’s Pam Ward.

7:00pm, NESN – Red Sox/Twins
7:30pm, FSN – Magic @ Celtics
8:00pm, ESPN – McDonalds All American Game
10:00pm, Rockets @ Clippers

Celtics/Entercom Press Release:

BOSTON (March 28, 2007) – The Boston Celtics and Entercom Boston announced today that they will move the broadcasts of Celtics games from Boston’s Talk Station, AM 680 WRKO to Sportsradio 850 WEEI beginning with the 2007-2008 season through the term of the current agreement. For the past two seasons Celtics games have been broadcast on WRKO.

“While we have enjoyed a fantastic partnership with WRKO, we couldn’t be more pleased about moving our broadcasts to WEEI,” said Rich Gotham Celtics Chief Operating Officer. “WEEI is the number one sports talk station in the country and provides an ideal flagship for both our game broadcasts and Celtics talk for our loyal fans.”

Both Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell are expected to remain as the play-by-play team. Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge and Head Coach Doc Rivers will continue to make their weekly appearances on WEEI during the season. In addition, the Celtics and Entercom will continue to promote the team’s games across Entercom Boston’s network of stations including WRKO and WAAF and the WEEI New England Network made up of WEEI FM 103.7 in Providence, WVEI 1440 AM in Worcester, and WVEI FM 105.5 FM in Springfield will serve as regional affiliates of the broadcasts.

“I’m very excited about the return of the Celtics to WEEI,” Jason Wolfe said, Entercom Boston Vice President of AM Programming. “We have developed an outstanding partnership with the team over the last two years on WRKO and I’m looking forward to continuing that great work next year and in the years to come.”

“The Celtics are a world class organization and I am thrilled we will be broadcasting their games on WEEI,” Julie Kahn said, Entercom Vice President and Marketing Manager. “Entercom and the Celtics have achieved tremendous mutual success with our relationship the last few years and I‘m anxiously anticipating the future.”