Yes, you did hear Gerry Callahan say this morning that he worked just as hard, played just as much pickup ball, went to as many camps as John Stockton, but just lacked Stockton’s talent.

D&C did have some interesting discussion on Al Skinner’s midseason decision to toss center Sean Williams off the team. Several different viewpoints on the matter were brought up both by the hosts as well as the callers. For instance, was it Skinner who made the decision, knowing it would likely mean more losses and a quicker end to the season for his team, and he is paid to win games, or was the decision made over his head?

John Dennis asked whether Williams watched the game on Saturday, and what was his attitude while watching…was he contrite and upset that he could’ve been the difference in the game, or was he arrogant, taking the attitude that BC was getting what it deserved by kicking him off the team?

Michael Holley said today that he is 75% sure that Greg Oden will not be declaring for the NBA draft this year.

The Big Show spent their time on expectations for Daisuke Matsuzaka.


If you missed the weekend notes columns, here they are:

Also from the weekend was the Boston Globe Magazine feature by Michael Paulson on Myra Kraft.

Seth Mnookin says that the move by NESN and the Red Sox to limit the highlights shown elsewhere is selfish and stupid.

After a weekend of college hoop, Jeff Goodman breaks down the remaining teams in the Sweet 16

Globe Sports Editor Joe Sullivan also offers his observations on the Sweet 16.

Michael Hiestand notes that a pair of Saturday cliffhangers gave CBS a needed ratings boost.

David Barron says that CBS did pretty well despite having few upsets.

Barry Horn says that old school production values are the best part of the first two days of the NCAA tournament.

Neil Best looks at the first five years of the YES network.

Peter King wants that NFL OT system to be more fair, suggests that the Patriots trade the #28 pick to the Bears for Lance Briggs, and reveals that he just discovered Norah Jones in his latest Monday Morning Quarterback.

Kelly Dwyer places Al Jefferson #4 on his list of the 10 most improved players in the NBA.

Albert Breer and Mike Reiss each take a quick look at the first day of the Patriots offseason conditioning program.

Celtics Blog offers up Celtics Shakespeare.

Some interesting numbers reported by ESPN on NCAA brackets filled in online through their’s Men’s Tournament Challenge

An analysis of the more than 3.3 million entries submitted reveals:

  • Zero “perfect brackets” (picked each game correctly) remain;
  • 45 brackets correctly picked all 16 of the remaining teams;
  • 29 brackets picked an Final Four of USC, Oregon, Southern Illinois and Texas A&M;
  • 1,514 brackets correctly picked 15 of the 16 remaining teams;
  • 5,404 brackets have 0 of 16 the remaining teams;
  • 1,484,063 brackets still have all four of their Final Four teams playing;
  • 332,987 brackets picked UNLV to advance to the Sweet 16;
  • 1,393,269 brackets picked Southern Illinois to advance to the Sweet 16;
  • 679,463 brackets picked Butler to advance to the Sweet 16;
  • 980,253 brackets picked Arkansas to defeat USC in the first round;
  • 1,310,380 brackets picked Winthrop to upset Notre Dame in the first round
  • 1,069,661 brackets picked George Washington to defeat Vanderbilt in the first round;
  • 64,562 brackets picked Xavier to upset Ohio State in the second round;
  • 141,633 brackets picked VCU to upset Pittsburgh in the second round;
  • 7,859 brackets picked E. Kentucky to make it to the Final Four;
  • 8,635 brackets picked Xavier to make it to the Final Four;
  • 71,764 brackets picked Wisconsin to win the National Championship;
  • 211 brackets picked Belmont to win the National Championship;
  • 568,712 brackets picked Ohio State to win the National Championship;
  • 312 brackets picked Weber State to win the National Championship
  • 255,205 brackets picked an Final Four of Ohio State, UNC, Florida and Kansas;
  • 1,124,622 brackets picked either Florida or Ohio State to win the National Championship;
  • 6,356 brackets picked either Butler or Southern Illinois to win the National Championship.


7:00pm, ESPN – NIT – Mississippi/Clemson
7:00pm, Versus – Penguins @ Rangers
8:00pm, FSN – Celtics @ Hornets
9:00pm, ESPN – NIT – DePaul/Kansas St.