I woke up this Sunday morning actually looking forward to reading the papers and learning more about the Patriots free agent shopping spree. I eagerly anticipated reading about how the signing of Adalius Thomas was a can’t miss move that would reinvigorate the Patriots defense.

I should’ve known better.

Who else but Ron Borges would attempt to throw a wet blanket on the signing of a player many seem to think is a perfect fit for the Patriots?

Before I even looked at the Globe, I had glanced in my email and found it filled with messages about Borges’ latest two-faced stance. For a Sunday morning, when things are usually pretty quiet in the my inbox, this immediately signaled to me that this must be bad.

I’ve leave it to one of the emailers, a neighbor of mine up here in NH, (well, a couple towns over) to tell you about the Borges flip-flop:

Dear Bruce:

Love your BSMW website.

In his endless quest to discredit Bill Belichick and the Pats, the Boston Globe’s Ron Borges has once again submitted a hatchet job that manipulates the facts and contradicts his own writings from a few days earlier:

It must have been quite a challenge for Borges to somehow, some way paint a negative picture of the Pats signing of Adalius Thomas Saturday, especially since only one day earlier in an article posted on MSNBC.com, Borges himself placed Thomas first on his list of free agents “most likely to deliver value for their services”

In his Sunday Globe article, Borges rolls out the weak argument doubting Thomas because of his age, his price tag, and the history of defensive players after the leave Baltimore. There are a number of Borgisms in the article, but my favorite occurs when he proceeds to manipulate Ozzie Newsome’s quotes regarding Thomas, player value and free agency:

“This was not an 11th-hour decision,” Newsome said. “We’ve been facing that since the beginning of training camp [in 2006], knowing that we could have to make that decision. I think it was a fair decision. I think it was fair to the organization and fair for A.D.

“I had a chance to sit down and talk with him the Monday before I came to the combine and explained our position, gave him an opportunity to talk to me. I think it was the fair thing to do.

“The way we approach it, we come to the threshold of what we think the player’s value is in Baltimore. When it goes beyond that, then we don’t mind them going out the door. If we lose them, we feel like we can go out and find some more.”

Sounds good Ron, but you forgot to mention that the last paragraph was actually spoken by Ozzie in direct response to a reporter’s question about Tony Pashos and Jarret Johnson!

Just another example of how Borges’ personal vendetta against Belichick makes him a joke. I’d love to see you expose him some more on your website, if you so desire.

Thanks for a great website!

Glenn R, Deerfield, NH

Just so we’re clear, here’s exactly what Borges said two days ago in the MSNBC column:

Best values
1. Adalius Thomas, LB: He wants a $18 million signing bonus and will probably get it, likely from the 49ers. Wherever he goes, the 270-pound Thomas appears headed toward making an impact.

And today in the Globe, it is:

Long before the free agency period began, strong side linebacker Adalius Thomas was designated the year’s premier catch by many pundits and personnel men. Perhaps he will prove to be just that, but if history is any predictor, he should be approached with caution.

And later on:

What is worrisome, though, is whether the source of that production was more Thomas or the people around him.

Back in a Boston.com chat on February 2nd, Borges also stated that he really liked Thomas as a free agent target.

Does Ron really think people aren’t going to notice when he pulls stuff like this?

Another thing…one of Borges’ themes in the Thomas column today seems to be that if the Ravens let Thomas go, then that should be a caution sign to the rest of the league because Ravens’ players don’t seem to go on to be stars elsewhere.

OK, but, how how many times has he mentioned that same history regarding teams giving big money to ex-PATRIOTS?

Never. It’s always that the Patriots are cheap and unwilling to pay.

Plus, he likes the attention.


Also in the Globe, Bella English has an interview with Bill Belichick.

The result is actually slightly disappointing. English says the interview lasted two hours, but the results aren’t more than most die hard Patriots fans would already know. After all, Belichick has been here for 7 years, 3 Super Bowls and 2 books.

There is one redeeming quote in the interview, which lends more support to my story last week that Belichick isn’t really involved in that NJ divorce case:

“The whole Bill Belichick issue is not really relevant,” says Mario Delmonico, the judge’s law clerk. “It’s just about trying to destroy a reputation. What it’s really doing is wasting money” in attorneys’ fees.

And wasting a lot of ink.


For more on the Thomas signing, and the rest of the Patriots busy free agent weekend, Mike Reiss has a wrapup, Dan Pires notes that Thomas isn’t a free agent splash, he’s a tidal wave. Shalise Manza Young has more on the former Ravens linebacker. John Tomase has a look at Thomas making up his mind quickly and Wes Welker.

Karen Guregian has Tedy Bruschi shrugging off retirement talk and getting excited about next season.

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