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In what has to be the quickest recovery from an ACL injury in history, Rodney Harrison was on the practice field today. Harrison is still probably not going to play on Sunday, but the fact that he was out on the practice field today shows that the earlier reports of that season-ending ACL injury were wrong.

Will anyone acknowledge it? Or since the stories were written and statements made with the disclaimer of “reportedly” will that take everyone off the hook?


Some more details on ESPN Boston’s latest radio numbers. In addition to the .06 overall, The Mike Felger Show had a 1.8 share in Men 25-5, and Mike & Mike in the Morning scored a 1.1 share in Men 25-54.

It may not look impressive, but that’s also not that far off from the difference in WEEI’s ratings between a year ago and now.


Overheard on the Big Show today:

Ordway: Dallas Clark scares me more than (Marvin) Harrison

Tom Curran: Bob Sanders is a top 10 player in the league.


Some more fun from The Media Circus, including a pretty long segment on John Clayton’s coverage of the Chargers and Patriots, such as this bit:

One of the first on the scene was ESPN.com’s reporter-turned analyst John Clayton. We shouldn’t have expected Clayton to follow up the game with any quality insight after listening to his pre-game analysis (more at the daily memo), where he claimed that the Patriots were going to bring safety Eugene Wilson into the box to take the run away from the Chargers (hat tip… Andy S.). Considering Eugene Wilson had been out with an injury since October 22nd and on IR since December 4, it was clear that Clayton had brought his A game to San Diego.

Then there’s what he said after the game…


Tony Dungy talking about Peyton Manning being compared to Tom Brady:

“I don’t know that he’ll be judged against Tom Brady,” Colts coach Tony Dungy said. “But every quarterback will be judged against Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr and guys who have won Super Bowls.

So did Brady win Super Bowls like Montana, Bradshaw and Starr, or not?


Ron Borges picks the Patriots on MSNBC. What will he (or the intern) pick in the Globe tomorrow?

Borges also had a fairly entertaining chat on Boston.com today.

Tom E Curran looks at the struggles of the Colts offense thus far in the playoffs.

Charlie Weis says he was invited by the Patriots to sit in the box and help out on Sunday. He declined, citing the fact that he currently coaches a team in Indiana.

Andrew Perloff from SI.com has 10 reasons why the Patriots should be favored.

Adam Schefter explains why Al Davis would be interested in Josh McDaniels as a potential head coach for the Raiders.

Yesterday we served up the link to Michael Ventre’s article on MSNBC where he pleaded for the Patriots not to make the Super Bowl because he’s sick of them and they’re so boring. Interestingly, after last year’s Super Bowl, the Patriots were Ventre’s pick to return to the Super Bowl this season.

Michael David Smith of Football Outsiders says that the Patriots have the equation for success.

Mike Tanier, also of FO, looks at which two teams will advance to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

John Clayton’s First and Goal says history will be made in the Patriots/Colts game.