I was thinking some more about that Tony Massarotti “column” this morning and just shaking my head at how truly bad it really was. Assuming the “letters” were real, he only got messages from idiots and yahoos? Those were the best answers he could come up with? That piece was deemed worthy to run by the sports editors during AFC Championship week?

Massarotti couldn’t have instead acknowledged that he was wrong and written about the areas in which the Patriots proved him wrong, and what his thoughts are about facing the Colts this week? He couldn’t have written a real column instead of that farce?

Massarotti is good on baseball, poor on everything else. I’ve mentioned the negative theme that he carried throughout the Patriots season, which looks more and more silly with each passing week. While I was glad at the time to hear of his promotion to columnist, I’m wondering if he was ready for the move.


Gerry Callahan was in rare form this morning, showing a whole lot more enthusiasm for “24” then for the AFC Championship game this weekend and fitting in the show with all his political views.

Note: I don’t care for political discussions of any kind, especially on sports radio. I’m not attacking Gerry for his political views, I’m simply not interested in hearing them or anyone else’s. However this statement made me sit up.

Just prior to 8:00 am this morning, Callahan said the following about Barack Obama:

Isn’t it incredible that we’ve reached the point where a guy who has been in the Senate for two years, and before that was just a local, like, a sewer commissioner, I think in Chicago, and he is now a viable presidential candidate or, or if you believe in the conspiracy theories, a vice presidential candidate who is preparing himself to be on the ticket with Hillary, and he wouldn’t be if he were just a white guy, just a guy, they wouldn’t give him the time…he wouldn’t be a candidate. But because we want…as a country to be like we are in Massachusetts, you know we want to…we want to believe in all these silly cliches…he is now, would you say, the front runner?

Granted, we live in a PC-crazy world, but that statement sounds a whole lot like comments that have gotten others in big trouble. At the very least, and to bring this into a Boston sports perspective, it reminds me of Isiah Thomas saying that if Larry Bird “were black, he’d be just another good guy.”

D&C also took more shots at a familiar target in Howard Bryant, mocking his writing, (“looks like something you’d wipe off the bottom of your shoe”) and refusing to even name the paper (“Rochester Rag”) where he is working now, and referring to the Herald as having “dumped” him.

Actually Bryant took a job at the Washington Post, a paper much higher in profile and in much better shape than the could-fold-any-second Herald, where Callahan still draws a paycheck.

All in a morning’s show on your SPORTS radio leader…


For those desperate for a baseball article, Rob Bradford writes today that Daisuke Matsuzaka won’t be a cash cow for the Red Sox, at least immediately.

The Blog TooMuchSports looks at the announcement by the Hartford Courant that they are scaling back their sports section. One of the biggest casualties will be box scores. As a commenter to the entry points out, that should save the Courant about “20 bucks a day” doing this.

Len Pasquarelli has five reasons why the Colts will win on Sunday.

Michael Ventre of MSNBC begs: “Please, spare us another title from Patriots.” Yes, the article is every bit as stupid as you think it is going to be.

Cold Hard Football Facts ponders whether Peyton Manning can win the big one this time.

Bill Simmons is thankful for…the Suns?


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