Patriots/Chargers was a huge winner for WBZ-TV as the game picked up 43.9 rating/65 share for the 4:30 – 8:00 time slot. Patriots 5th Quarter on TV-38 picked up a 6.0 rating/ 8 share from 8:00 – 9:00 PM.


The Big Show this afternoon was talking about how the national media prefers “storylines” than actually looking at the facts. They talk about how the national media wants to see Peyton Manning win a Super Bowl because it is a great story, or about the Patriots celebration, because it is a story.

Irony, thy name is Wolfe. WEEI is all about “storylines” and very little about sports. But when it is the Patriots they’re talking about, they switch the argument around and complain about “storylines.” Very nice.


A San Diego TV station has footage from the field after the game on Sunday which includes Phillip Rivers screaming at Ellis Hobbs, calling him the “sorriest corner in the league” and to “act like you’ve won a game before.” The newscasters are also as amazing as Rivers as they praise the Chargers for being classy.

On that page, click on the “Watch Video” link and be amazed.


WEEI took another ratings dip for the Fall Book, finishing 7th overall in the Boston market. They registered a 4.4 in the latest numbers, down from a 5.7 in the same period a year ago.

I’m sure they won their demographics, though.

ESPN Boston (WAMG) scored a .06 for this session.


Did Gerry Callahan really write this in his column today:

It is always fun to watch a great competitor stare down his demons on the field of play, but we can’t help but think that, at the end of this day, poor Peyton is going to end up like Saddam’s half-brother – his head a few yards away from his body.

Why yes, yes he did. The man has issues.


Mike Reiss has his Monday Ask Reiss Mailbag, addressing such issues as respect, celebrations and draft picks.

Gregg Easterbrook has his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column including some interesting Patriots/Chargers analysis.

Chad Finn has some leftover thoughts from Sunday.

Tom E Curran weighs in on the whole celebration controversy, and reminds us that this is the NFL.

Peter King says that the Patriots celebration should not be the story of the playoffs.

Three Patriots Blogs that I haven’t mentioned before. (I don’t think) FoxboroNation, (sister site to Fenway Nation) PatriotsFanBlog and PatsBlog.


Deadspin associate editor Rick Chandler coached Tom Brady on a freshman basketball team? Yup. He offers this scouting report:

You think Brady is slow now? He was glacial then. The man who replaced Drew Bledsoe couldn’t, in his freshman year, rise above Kevin Krystofiak (currently a local insurance broker) on the depth chart. Back then we actually thought that his dominant sport would be baseball, where he was a catcher (in fact he was taken in the 18th round of the draft by the Montreal Expos following his senior year). Although he was the starting quarterback by the time he reached the varsity, he showed little of the three-Super Bowl promise that was to come. To my recollection, none of his Serra teams even made the playoffs.

But here’s the thing. You knew, somehow, that Brady would make it. He was just too smart, too positive, and loved football too much. You rarely use the word destiny when dealing with teenage athletes, but Brady had that vibe. He was the kid who was always smiling.

7:00pm, NESN – Maryland-Balt County @ Maine
7:00pm, ESPN – Iowa @ Indiana (HD)
7:00pm ESPN2 – UConn @ Pitt
7:30pm, Versus – Blue Jackets @ Blackhawks (HD on INHD)
8:00pm, TV-38 – Miami @ Boston College
9:00pm, ESPN – Kentucky @ S Carolina (HD)
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