There are few more unlikable national football writers than Pete Prisco.

It has little to do with his predictions or analysis, even though he’s said quite a few stupid things over the years. He does pick the Patriots this week, (Though reportedly Prisco picked the Chargers on an SD radio station this week as well.) but he comes across as the worst of all media types. This morning Prisco was on with Dennis & Callahan and brought up “the shove” and stated that if it had been him, HE would’ve gone after Belichick. Tough guy.

He also talked proudly about how much Patriots fans dislike him. From what I gather, Prisco is disliked almost universally by fans around the league.

We’re not the only ones who share this low opinion of Prisco.


Hey, the Globe made a correction on Borges from last week!

Correction: Because of a reporting error, it was misstated in the playoff matchups in Friday’s Sports section that the Patriots led the NFL in fourth-down attempts this season. The Patriots had 20 fourth-down attempts, which ranked third. The Detroit Lions had the most with 22.

Now can we get a correction on the correction?

The “third” is actually misleading as well, because FOUR teams went for it more than the Patriots did on fourth down. If the Globe used the standard competition ranking, then the Patriots would be ranked fifth.


From the “They pay these guys to talk about sports?” department.

Heard on D&C this morning:

Richard from Canton: I’ve got a question about the NFL draft next year. When Tony Romo blew that hold did that affect Seattle’s draft order for next year? Because the Patriots have Seattle’s first round pick.

John Dennis: Yeah.

Richard: I guess the follow up to that is every time Seattle wins in the playoffs, does that mean the Patriots are going to move down a notch in the draft?

John Dennis: You got it right, Richard. That’s correct.

Jon Meterparel: Yes.

Richard: So technically, a team that is a mediocre team like Seattle, if they go all the way to the Super Bowl, and win it, then the Patriots could get the last pick in the round.

Gerry Callahan: Correct.

John Dennis: You got it all figured out, Richard. That’s exactly right.

Jon Meterparel: 22 before that snap.

Gerry Callahan: They could be 32.

Sorry John, Gerry and Jon, but Richard was not “correct” or “exactly right.” The biggest thing that Richard got wrong and that the WEEI hosts should’ve known, is that the Seattle draft pick does NOT move a notch for every round that the team advances…unless of course they go all the way to the Super Bowl.

It’s pretty well known that the Super Bowl winner drafts last, the Super Bowl runner up drafts second-to-last and then after that are seeded by regular season record, with tiebreakers being used to slot the exact order.

I would expect highly paid sports radio hosts to know this. Then again, I guess I’m asking too much.


Priority of playoff clubs within a tied segment is based on their advancement in the playoffs, but they do not drop out of their tied segment unless they participate in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl champion will select 32nd and the runner-up 31st.

Denver, Seattle, Kansas City and Dallas all finished with a 9-7 record. Denver didn’t make the playoffs so they get the first pick in that segment. Dallas and Kansas City were both knocked out of the playoffs before the Seahawks, so unless Seattle gets to the Super Bowl, it looks like that pick will be at # 24.


There’s been plenty of discussion today about the Bruce Mohl article in the Globe today where he reports that the Chargers are restricting the sale of tickets for Sunday’s game to Southern California residents only.

Sports Law Blog’s Michael McCann is being interviewed on CNBC tonight on this topic. The interview will air sometime between 7 and 8 p.m. ET on the On the Money program. McCann will be interviewed by Darren Rovell on the legal implications of the San Diego Chargers refusing to sell tickets to Patriots fans.


The Media Circus checks in with their weekly feature. I particularly liked these examples of media “insight” this week:

Tom Brady (is) 8-0 at halftime in his career.” – Dan Marino

No record in the NFL history books is as coveted by quarterbacks quite as much as the “all-time playoff winning percentage…at halftime.”

Brady and McDaniels are building the kind of relationship you hope a quarterback and coach build, the kind Brady’s had only with Charlie Weis since entering the league in 2000.” – Peter King

Mainly because Weis is the only offensive coordinator other than McDaniels whom Brady has worked with professionally. Appreciate the insight, Peter.

Good stuff.


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