Mike Reiss unveils some interesting information in his Ask Reiss Mailbag today. He is responding to an emailer (“Dan from Boston” – Shaughnessy?) who says that the Patriots “should be held accountable for the horrific 2006 offseason. We should not by force-fed competitive mediocrity while millions in cap space gets squandered.”

This was included in the response:

And as for the millions in cap space, I’ve been doing some research on this area and believe I’ve uncovered some interesting information in regards to the team’s cap spending that sheds a little bit of a different light on things. Because the team had such high cash spending the previous two years — with the top-level Tom Brady and Richard Seymour deals leading the way — the Patriots project to be one of a handful of teams who will actually be penalized by the league as part of the new CBA, and I believe will lose some cap space in a future season (possibly 2007) because of that. The Colts are also part of the small handful of teams who I think will be penalized; it’s sort of like the luxury tax in baseball. I believe the Patriots would do a service to their fans by explaining this intricacy of the salary cap — assuming I have it correct — because I sense there is a perception out there that the team is not spending compared to other teams. In actuality, they’ve spent to a level that is actually going to penalize them.

Well. Doesn’t THAT seem to change a thing or two. All season long certain media types have been accusing the Patriots of being cheap. Mike is classy enough not to throw anyone under the bus, but it’s clear he’s seen and heard this talk as well and decided to seek the truth for himself.


So Nick Saban makes a strong statement that he’s not taking the Alabama job and then gets killed in the press when he does take the job. Ok, so he deserved a lot of the heat he took for how he handled the situation, but the media specifically gets on him for making such a strong statement which wasn’t final.

Now Scott Pioli makes the following statement yesterday:

"I am very honored to be granted the opportunity to discuss a potential position with the New York Giants. I have tremendous respect for the Kraft family, the Mara family, the Tisch family and the Giants organization. After careful consideration, and for personal reasons, I am continuing in my current role with the New England Patriots."

Seems pretty clear, right? But apparently not clear or definite enough for folks like Gary Tanguay or Dennis & Callahan, who think that the statement isn’t strong enough, is too ambiguous for them, so they say you can read into it that Pioli is leaving the door wide open and that he could be planning an exit to the Giants next year, or even as soon as the playoffs end for the Patriots. (If you notice, there is no “right now” in that statement as I’ve heard claimed.)

What exactly do these guys want Pioli, or the next sports coach or executive rumored to be connected with an opening to say? Either way they’re going to get knocked for it.


  • Gregg Easterbrook has his Tuesday Morning Quarterback and leads off by saying that the influence of coaching is overrated.
  • Seth Mnookin continues his obsession over Murray Chass’ obsession with the Red Sox.
  • Nick Cafardo reports on Jim Rice once again missing out on the Hall of Fame.
  • All four Boston Globe writers with a vote had Rice on their ballots.
  • Richard Sandomir observes that the early blowout in last night’s Fiesta Bowl made for a challenge for the FOX crew.


FOX’s broadcast of the Eagles and Giants sat atop the national ratings for the four NFL Wildcard games this past weekend. The numbers:

1. NFL on FOX (NYG-PHI) 1/7/07: 20.4/34
2. NFL on CBS (NYJ-NE) 1/7/07: 17.5/36
3. NFL on NBC (SEA-DAL) 1/6/07: 17.1/28
4. NFL on NBC (KC-IND) 1/6/07: 13.7/27


I’ve been wondering…if Joe Sullivan can do a weekly blog on college basketball, why can’t he do a Globe sports editor blog? His college hoops blog is actually very well done, and his enthusiasm for the sport comes through in it. I think it would be a very nice way to reach out and connect with the readers to do a blog in the role of sports editor as well. Just a suggestion.