David Scott has a further look at the Smerlas/Ordway Tailgate article in the Globe last weekend, some Tom O’Brien observations and a number of other items.

We’ve got another Friday edition of the Game Day Roundtable posted, with topics ranging from Eugene Wilson, to Tom Brady’s fourth quarter performance and the ever popular mediot of the week.

Exchange on FSN’s Four Downs with Felger last night.

Michael Felger: (Talking about the many coaches that are rumored to have their jobs in danger) Do we have to worry about Bill Belichick on any of these lists?

Ron Borges: Yeah. I think, I mean, he has been connected several times with people I know to Houston, that they may do something there. They’re getting tired of losing, they brought in a new coach, they’re losing again, and you know, there’s tons of money there…

Felger: Bill Belichick in Houston – are you serious?

Borges: Well, with a dynamic personality like that he’d fit right in with a cowboy hat and everything.

Then Felger recapped what he knows about Belichick’s contract status, that three years ago the Patriots said he had been extended two years and that according to those calculations, this was the last year of his contract. Sounds to me like Borges is “throwing it out there” and trying to stir things up once again. The shot at Belichick’s personality when Felger questioned if he was serious seems to confirm that.

Add to that Robert Kraft’s comments in Borges’ own paper, the Boston Globe on January 18th, 2006:

Kraft said yesterday, however, that any representation of next season as the final year of Belichick's contract would be untrue.

"It's our intention that Bill will be the coach for some time," Kraft said. "Bill Belichick and his staff have done a great job. In many ways, the coaching job this year was his most outstanding.

"He's not about ego and the sidebar privileges that come with being the head coach. He represents the face of our team and family with values that we feel are important. Trust in this business is very important. When the tough times come in this business, the arrows start flying, and you have to stick together. We have the utmost trust in Bill Belichick."