A few short links on this holiday Thursday, which is traditionally marked in this area by a plethora of high school football games.

To keep up with the scores from your high school, the Boston papers have a pair of blogs that will be working overtime for sure today. The Herald has the High School Insider from Dan Ventura, who has been covering Massachusetts high school sports for 15 years now. The Globe counters with their High School Sports Blog, which utilizes a huge team of writers to cover the latest games and scores from around the Commonwealth. For Western Massachusetts, the Springfield Republican has the Varsity Voice high school sports blog.

The NFL Network debuts their regular season NFL coverage tonight at 8:00 with the Broncos taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in the third pro game of the day, following the traditional games in Detroit and Dallas.

Check the Patriots News Mashup and Celtics News Mashup for the latest on the locals.

Check bruceallenmedia.com for the latest entries from the BSMW blogs.