We lead off with a look at some local ratings numbers from the weekend.

The World Series numbers, though still likely a disappointment to FOX, still contain some interesting results here in the local area. Local pundits like to claim that Boston is so provincial that unless the Red Sox are playing, baseball doesn’t get watched. Well, the overnight numbers in the Boston market actually outperformed the national numbers for FOX. Nationally on Saturday night, game one garnered a 7.3/13, while Sunday’s game two, which had the benefit of an NFL lead-in and no competition from football on NBC, rated a 10.5/16 across the nation. As you’ll notice below, the Boston numbers were higher on both nights.

Game two was in fact, the second highest rated event that we charted this weekend, behind only the Patriots, who absolutely stomped the competition at 1:00pm Sunday.

Here’s a look at some other events of note from the weekend:


Note: I’ve been unable to get consistent cable numbers for NESN, ESPN and FSN. If anyone out there wants to help me out, please send an email.

Now onto the links…

Michael Felger has his weekly report card, and this week it consists of all “A’s” and “B’s”. Shalise Manza Young says that the Patriots once again showed an ability to correct their flaws and mistakes that they had made the first time they faced a club. Ian Clark also has a report card, and he hands out a “D” to the offensive line for allowing Brady to get hit too often on Sunday. Rich Garven sums up the Patriots this way: “A stingy defense, an opportunistic offense, a positive turnover differential. Those are the things we’ve been seeing from the Patriots as of late, and you can’t do better than that.” We’ve also got the Second Look from the game on the BSMW Game Day page.

Christopher L Gasper looks at the Patriots receivers and Tom Brady starting to establish some chemistry and rhythm. Lenny Megliola has Steve Grogan agreeing that the QB and Receivers are starting to come together. John Tomase looks at Benjamin Watson, who also benefits from the receivers coming along. For the first time this season, on Sunday he caught the ball with a little room to run. Michael Parente says that Brady looks comfortable as well. Christopher Price has more on the receivers stepping up.

Tony Massarotti says that the Patriots haven’t proven anything by steamrolling the cupcakes in the AFC East. Jim Donaldson agrees and says that the Patriots could be 5-3 and facing the 5-3 Jets on November 12th. Alan Greenberg has a look at the Patriots defense, which has been pretty impressive thus far this season. Breer also has Junior Seau starting to really establish himself in the Patriots defense. Tom King says that things will now start getting a little bit tougher for your New England Patriots.

Albert Breer says there is no sympathy in the Patriots locker room for the Chargers’ Shawne Merriman, who was suspended yesterday for four games, reportedly for steroid use.

Tomase’s notebook attempts to update us on Richard Seymour, and the only clue available is the fact that he didn’t appear on WEEI’s “Dale and Holley” show yesterday – something he didn’t do last season either when injured. If Seymour is out on Monday, Gasper’s notebook says Jarvis Green is ready to step in and fill the spot. Young’s notebook has the media being rebuffed in their efforts to find out about the Seymour injury.


Peter May looks at the controversy among NBA players regarding the new synthetic ball that is being introduced this season. Many players have been outspoken in their disapproval of it, but at least one organization is pleased: PETA. Sean on the BSMW Full Court Press has a look at Tony Allen, and the decision that the Celtics face in the next week of whether to pick up his option for next season or not.

May also has a look at the center position for the Celtics. Theo Ratliff has been battling a sore back all preseason, and Doc Rivers doesn’t believe he’ll be ready to play in the opener, a week from tomorrow. Michael Olowokandi has been ok in the preseason, but much of the load is going to fall on Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson and even rookie Leon Powe. Steve Bulpett has a look at Powe, who has won the affection of Paul Pierce for his rugged, physical style of play inside…something that the Celtics could really use. Scott Souza has more on Powe, who didn’t play much in the early games because he struggled to learn the system.

Mike Fine looks at Al Jefferson finally showing some improvement on the floor after being called out a bit by Rivers. Bulpett’s notebook says that the Celtics might be looking to make a trade instead of a roster cut this week. Jim Fenton looks at the Celtics struggling to find some sort of rotation for the season.


Rich Thompson says that the Bruins really need to show improvement on the power play – something that their next opponent, Montreal – has been very successful at thus far. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on goalie Tim Thomas getting an ice chip in his eye in practice yesterday. Thompson’s notebook says Thomas will start in goal on Thursday, and says Hannu Toivonen had an ice chip hit him in HIS eye on Saturday’s night against Buffalo.

John Molori says that FOX deserves credit for firing Steve Lyons.

FSN has Celtics/Nets at 7:30. FOX has Tigers/Cardinals game 3 at 8:00. Versus has Devils/Penguins at 7:00.