I really don’t have much to say. What a pathetic weekend by the Red Sox.

A couple internal links here I think you should check out:

Over on the Patriots Game Day page, we think our new format is coming along nicely, with new content almost every day. On the actual game days, we’ve been posting a blog of pregame thoughts, halftime thoughts and postgame thoughts. We’re doing a weekly film review of the game, a weekly roundtable discussion of hot-button topics and we’ve got a weekly Patriots-themed Football Outsiders column, from which Ron Borges already quoted extensively last week’s Deion Branch column in his Sunday Football Notes, (Though not mentioning where he actually read the information.)

Today on the page, we’re featuring part one of a two part column looking at The Case For – And Against – Adam Vinatieri.

Over the weekend, David Scott exposed ESPN trying to get cute with its Team USA Basketball coverage, and pretending that announcers Fran Fraschilla and Jim Durham were in Japan announcing the game when they really were in Bristol, Ct.

If you really want to read about the woeful Sox, go to the Red Sox Daily Links or to the New York Sports Pages for the articles from New York.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 1:00. ESPN has Cowboys/Saints Preseason football at 8:00.