David Ortiz showed once again why he should be the runaway winner of the MVP award by cranking yet another walk-off home run last night, hitting a three run blast to give the Red Sox the much needed 9-8 win over the Cleveland Indians last night at Fenway Park. Do we have any idea what we’re seeing here with Ortiz? Simply amazing.

If you don’t get effected reading Gordon Edes’ game story from beginning to the very last sentence, then someone needs to stick a mirror under your nose. It might be the best game recap I’ve read all summer. Jeff Horrigan notes that Ortiz is the biggest reason that Terry Francona can feel comfortable with his ballclub right now. Joe McDonald looks at the Red Sox hopping on Big Papi’s back once again. David Heuschkel looks at Ortiz capping a monster July with yet another walk off. David Borges says that while the AL East is up for grabs, the AL MVP race is over. Phil O’Neill notes that in the last calendar year, Ortiz has 60 homers and 166 RBI.

I’m telling you, Big Papi can even make Dan Shaughnessy a must-read. Dan does a great job putting all this into perspective and emphasizing that we really need to be appreciating what we’re seeing here. He manages a Babe Ruth reference, but only to say perhaps this is what it was like to watch Ruth play. No mentions of a sack of you-know-what, either. Lenny Megliola looks at Papi Power proving unbeatable once again.

Michael Silverman cautions that the Ortiz blast just serves to mask the fact that this team has several areas of concern, which were not addressed by trades yesterday. Nick Cafardo looks at the Red Sox standing pat at the deadline. Refusing to admit defeat, Cafardo still clings to a faint hope that Roger Clemens could make it through a waiver wire deal, but admits that the Red Sox would have to be below the Yankees in the standings for that to happen. Sean McAdam looks at all the deals that the Red Sox were in talks for simply fizzling out at the end. Jon Couture says that no move was the right move for the Red Sox. However, Tony Massarotti is angry that the Red Sox didn’t make a deal yesterday.

Let’s be candid here for a moment. Since the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, all of New England has gone as soft as a sneaker full of Barbasol. Red Sox fans have grown alarmingly complacent, accepting most everything the club does with glazed eyes and a stupid smile. Yes, Theo. Of course, Mr. Henry. Certainly, Mr. Lucchino. Some of us are starting to wonder if anyone will ever awaken from the trance.

Nice. It’s always a smart move to insult your audience. I think Tony is subscribing to the Glenn Ordway “THEY’RE NOT TRYING TO WIN THIS YEAR” theory, all while ignoring the record pace that the club is on. Somehow I think that if the Red Sox had included Jon Lester in a deal for Andruw Jones, Massarotti and company would’ve said they paid too high a price. Silverman looks at Theo Epstein holding true to his mission to keep the club nucleus of young talent together. Heuschkel also looks at the Red Sox refusal to part with their young pitchers. Borges also reports on the Sox passing on any proposed deals. O’Neill says that the Red Sox made the decision to stand pat instead of rashly dealing away prospects. Alex Speier reports that the Red Sox were close to acquiring Roger Clemens. Nationally, Jayson Stark feels that the Astros owner did the game a disservice by not sending Clemens to Boston.

Do you think there have ever been so many articles on a team NOT making a trade at the deadline?

Matt Kalman notes that the clubhouse can breathe a sigh of relief now that the trade deadline has passed. Kelsie Smith also looks at the anxiety lifting from the Red Sox players who had been rumored to be involved in deals.

Stephen Krasner looks at David Wells proving to be no mystery to the Indians, a team he had dominated throughout his career. He also looks at the dynamic duo of Ortiz and Ramirez coming through again.Couture also reports on Wells having issues with the Indians in his return to the mound. Horrigan reports on Jason Varitek going down with a twisted knee last night.

Julian Benbow reports on Wily Mo Pena’s mammoth homerun, which broke a headlight in a car parked in a garage across the street. Smith reports on Kyle Snyder, who had what he called the sweetest moment of his career in picking up the win after Ortiz’s game winner. Kalman also has a look at Snyder, who introduced a changeup that he has been working on with Al Nipper.

Benbow also looks at what has been a disappointing year for the Cleveland Indians.

Horrigan’s notebook looks at Wily Mo Pena filling Trot Nixon’s spot in the lineup very nicely last night. Edes’ notebook reports that Trot Nixon is expected to miss three weeks with his bicep strain. McDonald’s Journal has more on Nixon heading to the DL. Borges’ notebook has more on Pena filling in for Nixon. O’Neill’s notebook has more on Nixon’s injury and notes that Jason Johnson will be the starting pitcher tonight.

Patriots Training Camp

Mike Reiss has Tedy Bruschi and Monty Beisel looking forward to working together in the middle of the Patriots linebacking schemes. Albert Breer notes that with Beisel working inside, that means that Mike Vrabel is likely to be moving back outside. John Tomase looks at Ellis Hobbs, whose winning attitude is ideal for the position of top cornerback. Tom E Curran has Vince Wilfork enjoying the new attitude at camp this summer. Michael Parente looks at receiver John Stone, making the most of his opportunities with the lack of receivers in camp.

Steve Buckley looks at Matt Cassel following the Tom Brady plan for success in the NFL. Chris Kennedy also looks at Cassel’s bid to become the second string quarterback. Jennifer Toland looks at the similarities between Brady and Cassel. Dan Pires notes that Cassel’ confidence is a lot higher than it was at any time last season. Alan Greenberg has Bill Belichick noting that training camp just isn’t what it used to be.

Buckley has a quick look at Eric Alexander as the third year linebacker hopes to get on the field this season for the Patriots after spending the last two years mostly on the practice squad. Eric McHugh says Eric Warfield is trying not to become the next Duane Starks.

Tomase looks at the Patriots plans for dealing with the heat that is expected for the next few days. Kennedy looks at massive tackle Ryan O’Callaghan getting strong coaching from Dante Scarnecchia. Christopher Price looks at how Dean Pees is breaking in as the new defense coordinator.

Reiss’ notebook reports on Tom Brady missing practice for the second straight day. Has Gary Tanguay started to raise panic yet? Tomase’s notebook also focuses on Brady’s absence from practice. Curran’s notebook looks at receiver John Stone, who has opened some eyes in camp. He also says that Brady is merely resting his arm after going at it hard for the first four days of camp. Toland’s notebook has Hobbs not taking anything for granted as far as his spot in the lineup and on the roster. Pires’ notebook says that Artrell Hawkins could end up being more than a backup for the Patriots at safety. Parente’s notebook has more on Brady’s absence from practice. McHugh’s notebook says Belichick has an open mind about only carrying two quarterbacks on the roster.

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