A few links to pass the time on an incredibly hot afternoon…

Lots of reports from Patriots training camp…Tom Brady is practicing, Chad Jackson took the field for the first time as well. Check in on all the blog entries and coverage on the Patriots Daily Links page.

A lot of people are talking about the Michael Silver article on SI.com that has Tom Brady expressing his thoughts on Deion Branch and how the holdout is effecting him personally and professionally.

David Scott went to a Seth Mnookin book signing last night and has his thoughts and observations on the author in a special afternoon edition of Scott’s Shots. Speaking of Mnookin, he has an interesting look at yesterday’s trade deadline and Theo and Larry’s evolving relationship in his blog today.

John Molori’s Media Blitz has a look at upcoming NFL Network and NBC programming involving the National Football League, including a look at Hall of Fame induction coverage coming up this weekend.

Surprise, surprise, after writing an antagonistic, controversial column this morning, Tony Massarotti is on the Big Show this afternoon…that fits all a little too nicely for my liking.