Just a few links and some followup to yesterday’s Manny column…

PDF iconManny – Perception vs. Reality (68k)

Steve Bulpett reports that Paul Pierce and the Celtics are very close to announcing a contract extension. Gabe Kahn has a report on yesterday’s Celtics summer league game, which featured a show stopping hookup between Sebastian Telfair and Gerald Green. Scott Souza and Bulpett’s notebook also have details on the game.

Gordon Edes as well as Michael Silverman and Steve Buckley look at Will Carroll’s report that Manny is actually playing with a small tear in the medial meniscus in his right knee. Both papers seem skeptical of the report, though Edes acknowledges that Carroll has a solid history of injury reports.

Michael Gee writes that it isn’t so much that Manny doesn’t hustle, it’s that he has a terrible first step.

Rob Bradford tracked down former Red Sox third baseman Scott Cooper to talk about his experiences in the All Star game. Dave Kraska has a look at how Albert Spaulding helped create the myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball. Chad Finn and Mike Fine have mid-season report cards for the Red Sox.

Yesterday’s Manny column sure generated a lot of discussion on WEEI. Dale Arnold and Michael Holley spent quite a bit of time going over the points in the column, much to the chagrin of others at the station. It even inspired a Pete Gustin comedy skit on the subject, where BSMW is referred to as “All-Media-is-Evil.com”.

Michael Holley wanted me to “name names” in regards to media people taking shots at Manny. Well Michael, when I started the column, that was my intention, and I was going to lay out the examples in the column. I went into the archives of the Globe, Herald, ProJo, Hartford Courant and other papers. As I got going, however, there were just way too many to include, and many were just incidental little shots here and there by various writers, or sarcastic comments regarding an injury or day off for the slugger. It would’ve dragged out the column to be much longer than it already was if I had done this. I instead attempted to provide an overview of the perception of Manny that is perpetrated by many in the area. That was the point I was trying to address.

Glenn Ordway was in full circle-the-wagons mode starting at 2:00 PM. It was all very predictable. You can tell when the little man is in the wrong, because he yells and screams more than usual and tries much too hard to be emphatic in everything that he says. He railed on against “fan sites” – using that term many times in the course of the afternoon. (Am I supposed to be insulted by that?) Ordway had me laughing at the effort he was trying to put into discrediting both me and the notions put forth in the column. He brought up an incident involving John Molori, which would be like me holding Glenn accountable for Dennis and Callahan’s METCO incident. He talked about “standards” and how real media has them and “fan sites” don’t. It was all clearly an attempt from Ordway to try and muddy the waters. You’ll remember the points I tried to address in the column, namely: