So you think you know what Dan Shaughnessy is going to write, even before you read his column?

We’re going to have a little contest. Next week, the New York Mets come into town, and of course with them will be Pedro Martinez. We know Shaughnessy will write a column about the return of Pedro. You probably have a good idea what it is going to read like.

So write it.

That’s right, write Shaughnessy’s column about Pedro’s return, complete with all the phrases and references he’s bound to use. When you’re done, email it to me. I’ll go through them, and when Dan’s column appears, (Right now Pedro is lined up to pitch on Wednesday) whoever’s column is the most like Dan’s in both style and substance will win a prize. I’m not sure what the prize will be, but it will be a nice prize. The winning column may also be published here on the site, so keep that in mind. I reserve the right to publish any entries received.

Get the entries to me as soon as you can, preferably before Monday, which is an off-day for the Sox and might be the day Shaughnessy’s column gets published. In the off chance that Shaughnessy doesn’t write a column about Pedro (Do you really think he can resist?) I’ll just go with the best one. Have fun with this.

The Red Sox won their fifth in a row last night, romping to an 11-3 win over Livan Hernandez and the Washington Nationals.

Michael Silverman has Tim Wakefield relieved to get some early runs behind him from his team. Chris Snow also looks Wakefield finally getting some run support in the win. Sean McAdam has more on Wakefield enjoying the early cushion provided him by his teammates. Bill Ballou says Wakefield probably wishes he could’ve banked some of those runs to use in another start. David Heuschkel says that Wakefield’s biggest challenge was keeping his back from getting stiff while his teammates were scoring all those runs. Ron Chimelis says that the Sox are making the Nationals look like the old Senators this week. David Borges goes a step further and says the Washington Nationals looked more like the Washington Generals to the Red Sox Harlem Globetrotters.

John Tomase reports on Curt Schilling showing his appreciation towards Frank Robinson for the impact he made on him early on in his career, after the former had lost his father. Steven Krasner looks at Trot Nixon learning patience at the plate, and having it translate into his best season thus far. Mark Murphy and Joe Haggerty have more on the support for Wakefield, who received a nice ovation from the fans after getting out of a bases loaded jam in the sixth. Lenny Megliola says that the Red Sox have done a good job of burying that three game sweep at the hands of the Twins last week. Alex Speier reports on the Red Sox young pitchers getting a chance to grow together on the big club.

Julian Benbow also looks at the rehab of Wily Mo Pena, which seems to be coming along nicely. The young slugger is hoping to take batting practice before the end of the homestand. Tomase examines how Alex Cora is making the most of his opportunities to play. Murphy has more on Kyle Snyder, who is grateful for a second day in the majors with the Red Sox, and thankful to the franchise for giving him a new beginning to his career. Julian Benbow examines the quick and painful night for Hernandez, who game up six earned runs in 1 2/3rds innings last night. Megliola reports that the Red Sox will honor the 1986 club next week when the Mets are in town. Bill Buckner will not be there. Kevin Gray has a look at NH native Mike Chambers, starting his pro career with the Lowell Spinners. Jon Couture examines the Red Sox shuffling their pitching staff.

Snow’s notebook has Keith Foulke battling arm trouble for the first time in his career, something that came out of nowhere and has him baffled. Silverman’s notebook leads with Terry Francona calling all his young pitchers together and telling them they hope to keep them with the big club and give them more responsibility moving forward. McAdam’s notebook has more on Francona’s meeting with his young pitchers. Heuschkel’s notebook also sticks with this topic, noting that Francona plans to use them more, but while still developing them into big league pitchers. Chimelis’ notebook looks at the “big four” of the Red Sox young pitchers finally all together with the big club. Borges’ notebook also looks at the meeting with the young pitchers. Ballou’s notebook looks at the youth movement officially beginning for the Red Sox pitching staff.

Dan Shaughnessy files a thoughts column, filled with references to Hartford, Gary Glitter, World Cup soccer, and yes he does mention Pedro.

Scott Souza has a look at Al Jefferson, who is working hard with new Celtics big man coach Clifford Ray and determined to fulfill the promise he has shown in glimpses over his first two NBA seasons. Steve Bulpett reports that Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale have teamed up to scout prospects together, each holding workouts on their home floor with the other attending. Jeff Goodman says that BC’s Craig Smith has been given a promise from the Milwaukee Bucks that they will draft him in the second round.

Peter May reports on the Miami Heat winning the NBA championship last night with a 95-92 victory in Dallas. Bob Ryan looks at the Miami Rileys…err, Heat, putting it all together in the playoffs behind the “transcendent” and “luminous” play of Dwyane Wade. May’s notebook looks at Mark Cuban picking up a $250,000 fine from the league for his comments. The last paragraph of the notebook has some information on Celtics workouts.

Steve Conroy says that the Bruins appear to be in a position to grab a very good player with the 5th overall pick in this weekend’s NHL draft. Fluto Shinzawa has a piece on New England native Brian Strait, who could be a first round pick in the draft. The Herald has thumbnails of five players who might be available to the Bruins with the fifth pick.

Somehow, Michael Felger got the tough assignment of covering an Anna Kournikova conference call about her upcoming visit to Boston as as part of her involvement in World Team Tennis. It was probably a little different than a Bill Belichick conference call.

NESN has Red Sox/Nationals at 7:00. ESPN has Mets/Reds at 7:00 and Mariners/Dodgers at 10:00.