We’re starting off the new week with a look at the best and worst sports television shows in the Boston area.

Once again, there were just so many candidates that we forgot one. Somehow, the Globe SportsPlus program which runs on NESN was omitted. Honestly, that was not a bit of backlash against the Globe and the writers who appear on the show…I just forgot to put it on the list.

We had just over 1300 people vote in this category, and the results were pretty spread out, which is to be expected given the amount of competition in this region. The winning show only took home 18% of the total vote.

Here are the results:


FSN’s New England Sports Tonight (Now Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight) came out on top here with 234 votes for that 18%. This show hosted by Greg Dickerson and Gary Tanguay is a staple for many sports fans who are unsatisfied after getting 2 minutes of sports on their 6:00 news broadcasts. The 6:30 show often picks up on talk radio topics from the afternoon and previews the night’s action for the local teams. The 10:00 show is usually an alternative post-game show for whatever local team in in action that night. The guest list is stocked with WEEI and Boston Herald personalities, who always have something to say, or some pot to stir on the air.

Coming in second was the Pre and Post game shows on NESN. These shows picked up 201 votes for 15% of the total. They were followed closely by Patriots All Access on WCVB which garnered 181 votes or 14%.

Reader Comments: I went with Patriots All-Access for best show, solely because it features insight from Belichick; the show itself isn't all that interesting….Patriots All-Access for “best”¬—the Belichick film breakdowns are great, as are the sideline/locker room camera and microphones. Overall, the show is very professionally done…I went with Patriots All-Access just for the Belistrator— his segment is the only thing on any of these shows that is actually informative.

Now a look at the flip side of the category:


New England Tailgate on FSN, which often follows Sports Tonight on Thursdays during football season got the most votes as the ‘worst’ of the category. They pulled in 241 votes for 19% of the total. The show features Glenn Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie and is oftentimes a continuation of what that trio has talked about on WEEI’s Big Show during the course of the week. Ordway, oftentimes decked out in his mock turtleneck and perched on a stool, provides an amusing contrast with the two ex-NFL players. They do picks each week, which is something of a joke, as I don’t believe Smerlas has picked against the Patriots in 5 years. For the casual fan who doesn’t listen to WEEI during the week, the show is appealing in its simplicity and “guy” humor.

Coming in second was the “no one” vote. (175, 14%)

Reader Comments: I went with that Tanguay nightly trainwreck as worst—sometimes I get stomach pains while watching it. Gary Tanguay is abominable….New England Tailgate for worst. There's very little "value added" on this show. They show the same highlights that have been playing for days, and regurgitate the same talking points the Big Show has been using all week….You really need to be hooked up to a machine if you enjoy this half-hour infomercial for the Ripoff Tailgate Party scam. A tape of this thing will be Exhibit A at Ordway's RICO statute trial.

Tomorrow: Things I’ve learned since starting BSMW.