For today’s recap, we’re taking a look at the best and worst independent sports websites in the region. This was another hotly contested poll.

It was somewhat difficult defining the criteria for what sites to include in this poll. Some of the sites on this list are not local, but seem to have a lot of content focuses towards our local sports scene. Others were started by local people but are more nationally focused, and others are totally national, but seem to be used and referenced often by people here in the Boston area. I’ll try to do a better job of narrowing down the scope next year.

So to begin, here are the results among the 1460 votes gathered for the best of in this category:


Cold Hard Football Facts is one of the sites that perhaps may not belong in this category. The site is locally owned and operated, but they are trying to establish themselves as a national site. They do focus a lot of attention on the New England Patriots, but that is also because the Patriots have been the dominant team in the NFL over the past five seasons. Because of their Patriots focus, as well as their glee in taking on football media people head-to-head, the site has garnered a lot of fans. They claimed the top spot in this poll with 229 votes for 16% of the total. Close behind them were a pair of worthy contenders. While Mike Reiss could be the best blogging reporter on the scene in Boston, Chad Finn, who works at the Globe Sports Desk is probably the best single blogging columnist-style writer on the scene. He usually hits the nail on the head and makes the point that you wanted to make, but couldn’t articulate properly. His blog, Touching All The Bases, tied for second with 14% of the vote. Finn got 203 votes to narrowly edge out the Sons Of Sam Horn message board which had 200 votes. SoSH has gotten national attention the last few years and continues to be the top on-line destination for Red Sox fans and stat-heads.

Reader Comments:

Football Outsiders gets my vote. Terrific website that has done a ton of interesting and innovative statistical analysis for the NFL. Aaron and his folks also write very well….Chad Finn gets my vote for best. He's an entertaining writer and a sensible one, too….Soxaholix is a great, underrated website. Very creative. On the other hand, the understanding that Miguel puts into the salary cap page puts many reporters to shame.

Now for the worst:


Once again the kind hearted voters prevailed as 596 of the 1334 votes cast (45%) felt that none of these sites deserved the label of worst.

Among the sites receiving votes, SoSH got 205 votes for 15%. I think that total comes from the view that some have that the site is somewhat elitist. I don’t personally hold that view of the site, but among some users, that is the view they take of the community. BSMW’s own Scott’s Shots got 137 votes here for third. The blog is not popular among members of the the BSMW messageboard community, (which I suspect made up the majority of these votes) who do not like the scattershot, rambling style of the author.

Reader Comments:

Worst goes to CHFF—Kerry makes Patriot fans sound like Yankee fans. I think he's a bully and he has not earned my respect. How awful is Dave Scott? Start with his readability. He has adopted a variation of the Kevin Paul Dupont style of "cutie pie" prose that makes entire paragraphs virtually incomprehensible gibberish. His ax-grinding (Shepherd, Gee) and ***-kissing (Dennis, Callahan) are legendary. His blatant campaigning for employment somewhere—anywhere—is cringe-inducing. It is embarrassing to have him associated with [BSMW].

Note:Needless to say, I don’t agree with that assessment of Scott’s Shots. I’m not sure what it is…the only people who have ever complained to me about Scott’s Shots are members of the BSMW message board.

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