Ted Lilly continued his mysterious mastery of the Red Sox, going seven innings, striking out 10 and giving up just a single run in the Blue Jays 8-6 win over the Sox.

Sean McAdam looks at the Red Sox two biggest strengths in the early going, pitching and defense, letting them down in this one. Chris Snow reports on Matt Clement getting rocked by the Blue Jays, which isn’t an uncommon occurrence for him. Last night’s game wasn’t that hard to figure out in advance if you looked at each starter’s measure of success against the other team. Jeff Horrigan has more on Clement not giving the Red Sox much of a chance against Lilly and the Jays. Tom Yantz boils it down to not enough of Clements’ sinkers sank last night. Garry Brown has more on Lilly shutting down the Sox. David Borges says last night was a little deja vu from the night before for the Red Sox. Bill Ballou looks at the Blue Jays having a grand time against Matt Clement.

Jon Couture looks at a lot of little things adding up to the loss for Boston. Bob Ryan looks at the Blue Jays, who plan on being around and in the thick of the race for the entire season. Michael Vega looks at Ted Lilly making the Red Sox look silly once again. Steve Buckley has a piece on how Wily Mo Pena is getting plenty advice in the Red Sox clubhouse about his swing, and is willing to listen to it all. Alex Speier looks at the hot start to the season for Jonathan Papelbon. Jeff Horrigan reports on the versatile Trent Durrington pitching the final three innings for the PawSox after starting the game in left field the other night.

In light of Bronson Arroyo’s second home run of the season for Cincinnati, Ryan also talks to the Red Sox pitching staff about hitting and their history and stories at the plate. Some amusing tales from that bunch. When I read the headline for the column from Steve Buckley (subscription only) this morning, (Longin